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I’m Charlie and this is my story!

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Hi! My name is Charlie and I’m a female, black lab mix. I was born in Boise, Idaho but moved to Englewood, Florida in July of 2014 with my pet human, Mike.

Back in August of 2012, I moved in with Mike at the tender age of 8 weeks old. I was living with a lady who loved me but could not keep me. She had me for only a week or so and had to get rid of me. She put an ad on Craig’s List and that’s how I fell into my current owner.

I like to be active and I appreciate how Mike takes me out to get lots of exercise. I love to run and I’m pretty good at running alongside of Mike when he rides his bike (Hey, it looks like I’m a poet too!) When he’s not on his bike, we go running or for long walks. I love it when he lets me off the leash to run around.

They tell me I’m pretty good at socializing, whatever that means. All I know is I like almost any other dog and I will usually try to figure out some way to play with them. I will normally be submissive if another dog is being aggressive. I’m not much of a fighter, although I can be pretty tough if I have to. I love playing with dogs my size which is about 50 lbs.

When they told me I could write my own blog, I jumped at the chance. I think I can give a pretty good perspective of a dog’s point of view, mostly because I am one. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and be interested in the exciting life I lead. It’s hard to believe I do so much when I sleep close to 20 hours a day but somehow I find a way!


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  1. Hey Charlie, It’s your Alabama cousin Daisy. Just chillin tonight, watching the series and kickin back with a Greenie. I’m pulling for the Royals, my boy James Shields is an ex Tampa Bay Ray. Love to see ex Rays guys do well. Hope all is well in Florida. Peace Out Daisy

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