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Very soon these pages will offer a new feature that I hope you’ll enjoy.  I’m going to introduce you to the characters in my exciting new soap opera.  Can you say cliffhanger?

Yes, the usual tangled webs, intrigue, love and hate you find in a typical soap opera.  But have you ever heard of such a thing in the dog world?

Look for the debut of…

As the 4

The city of Labrador Falls will never be the same in this tell-all story of forbidden lust, shameful deceit, good dog and bad dog…

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Famous Dogs – Petey

Petey 3
Who remembers Petey from the Little Rascals? He was a really cool dog, probably best known for the ring around his eye. He didn’t figure into too many of the plot lines but he was a fixture in the Our Gang activities. Today we celebrate Petey the dog.

Petey was a Staffordshire Terrier who started out as Pete the Pup. He was also known as “Pete The Dog With The Ring Around His Eye” or simply “Petey”. The original Pete the Dog was an American Pit Bull Terrier named Pal the Wonder Dog. He had a natural ring around his eye that they embellished with some makeup to make it a full ring.

What I find funny is that when I gathered pictures of Petey, I found some pictures of him with the ring on his right eye and others with the ring around his left eye! I guess it depended on what kind of mood Petey was in that day. Haha!
Petey 4

My favorite episode of the Little Rascals was called The Pooch. That’s the time Petey got in trouble with the dog catcher. Stymie and Spanky were in this one along with Petey. Here’s one of the exchanges I like the best:

Stymie: Please don’t take my dog, mister!
Dogcatcher: Well, where’s his license?
Stymie: He ain’t got no lices – he just got fleas!
Petey 1

A couple weeks ago, I introduced you to some of my dog park friends. Miles was one of my friends and I have to give a special shout out to him for carrying on in the tradition of Petey. Miles has a patch over his right eye that always reminds me of Petey.

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More Dog Park Friends

Yesterday I was commenting on some of the friends I had made at the dog park and how I would add some pictures of them when I got them.  Well, today when Dad and I went to the dog park, Dad took a few pictures of two of the dogs who have been there almost every day that we have gone there.

I’d like to show you my buddies Miles and Buster.  They are both pretty cool and Dad thinks their owners are nice.  He told some of the people at the dog park about my blog so I hope they can get online and see pictures of their dogs.





Miles with his black spot on his back and another one over his right eye.

Miles with his black spot on his back and another one over his right eye.

I told you that we are trying to increase the traffic that visits us here on the website.  One of the things we hope to do is have a healthy following of regular readers.  That’s why we try to invite nice people like those at the dog park.  They have made Dad and I feel welcome from the first day we got there.



New Home

Hi Everyone!

I was gone and now I’m back.  I moved across the country recently.  It’s a long story that I will try to fill in details for shortly.  For now, here are a few pictures of me and my new roommate.  His name is Mac and he grows about one pound a day.  I think Dad and Heidi are going to put him in the zoo when he gets to 700 lbs!


New Family Member

Wanna play?

Hi!  My name is Mac!

Mac in the car looking up from his cubbie hole

Looking up from his cubbie hole









I have been absent for several days and now I would like to get caught back up. I stayed downstairs with James and Trina while Dad was gone. They own Porter and Bailey and I have become a pretty good playmate of Porter, even though he has gotten much bigger and shows no signs of slowing down. Once again I thank them for letting me spend so much time playing. It was like being at summer camp for a week or so!

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The Amazing Blue Ball

Fetch with the blue ball on the Boise River

The Blue Ball that refused to get lost

I usually don’t keep tennis balls very long. The typical ball will meet its fate in one of two ways. Either I find something more entertaining and leave it on the ground somewhere or I chew it until I destroy it. Either way, that ball joins a long list of balls that I’ve lost or ruined. Today I’m going to talk about a ball that I found in the river a few months ago.

We were messing around down by the riverbank when we got lucky and found three or four balls. Most of them were tennis balls but I also found a blue one that is the kind used when playing racquetball. These are a little softer than tennis balls so they give more when you chew them. They’re still pretty tough so it’s not easy to destroy them.Charlie and her blue ball in Boise

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