Long Strange Trip Part 3 – St. Louis to San Antonio

The following is documentation of the trip we made from Florida to California from November 30 to December 4, 2014.

15 hrs 0 minutes
929 miles

It said it was 27 degrees in the morning. I was fine with it but Dad was freezing. I don’t think he was ready for the cold. It was interesting to listen to the local news on the radio. Every little thing that happens is a big deal since the Michael Brown uproar.

The latest was an innocent kid who was from Bosnia who got killed. Some might think of it as racially motivated but there was probably some confusion as to what race or ethnicity the kid from Bosnia was.

He could be regarded as a martyr if he was one thing or he’s a villain if he’s another. A little sad in this day and age when we are supposedly more civilized.

Anyway, the original plan had us going through Tulsa and Oklahoma City and then down through Dallas. Dad was happy to see the temperature climb as we went further south.  Dad played some Ozark Mountain Daredevils as we made our way through Missouri and into Oklahoma.

When we got closer to Tulsa, the gps was offering a shorter, quicker route to start heading toward Dallas before we actually got to Tulsa. Even though we didn’t technically go through Tulsa, Dad still played Tulsa Time by Eric Clapton on YouTube.

This new shortcut had us going on toll roads and also smaller towns. We went through places like Muskogee, Oklahoma. Dad found Merle Haggard’s Okee from Muskogee on YouTube and played it more than once.

We made pretty good time up until we hit Dallas at rush hour. It was 4:30 when we first arrived and the gps was amazing how it figured out a complicated path right through the heart of the city and got us through efficiently.

About the only thing of note was a shiny black Lamborghini and also a domestic squabble where mamma had jumped out of the car on a busy on-ramp and was walking beside the car while yelling at daddy before jumping back in. Dozens of cars had to maneuver around them but at least they provided some entertainment value.

We were feeling pretty good about escaping Dallas relatively unscathed. Next stop was San Antonio right? Well, let’s not forget the miles and miles of road construction and death-defying barriers on the way to Austin.

Imagine two and three lanes of traffic screaming along at 60+ mph with cement barriers on both sides in lieu of the shoulder. Then throw in lots of curves and two hours later you want to climb a wall!

The stretch from Dallas to Austin was definitely the most stressful of our entire trip. We’d already been on the road nearly 12 hours. The last leg from Austin to San Antonio was a little better.

Dad found a song called San Antone by Charlie Pride that he played on YouTube. He said Grandpa would have liked that.

Meanwhile, Lewie had driven up from where he lives in Pearsall, TX and booked us all a room at the Travelodge in downtown San Antonio. It wasn’t the most posh hotel but it got the job done and put us right in the middle of most of the downtown attractions. It was very convenient to get to the River Walk.

I had heard about the River Walk and had a picture in my mind of a boardwalk with a few hundred yards of shops and whatnot. What I saw was incredible! It must be seen to believe it.

There are businesses and hotels that line the winding river for miles! It must have taken a long time to build because it is really well done. Very impressive.

We found a place that would let us eat outside and have a dog with us. That wasn’t so easy at 10:00 pm but we found a place that had a sister restaurant upstairs. Perfect.

We had a bite to eat and did some exploring on the River Walk. Lewie was a good source of local knowledge. This would be a great city to spend some time in!

We finally hit the hay about midnight…

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