Long Strange Trip Part 2 – Huntsville to St. Louis

The following is documentation of the trip we made from Florida to California from November 30 to December 4, 2014

9 hrs 0 minutes
500 miles

Dad got up at about 6:00 am and took me out to do my business. Then he joined some of the folks in the facility for a light breakfast. We got on the road at 7:45 am.

We started heading north and soon found ourselves in Tennessee. We kept going north toward Nashville. We turned west just short of Nashville and started heading west.

Tennessee is a long state and we drove in that state for a long time before we finally got to Missouri. Somewhere in Tennessee it started raining. It wasn’t too bad because the temperature was still around 50 degrees or so.

Unfortunately things changed for the worse as we went along and began to head north to St. Louis. We watched as the temperature dropped and the wind picked up.

There was a system going through that we were trying to avoid. We missed it for the most part but there was still rain falling as it got closer to freezing.

It was about 34 degrees and we still had about 200 miles to go. We saw it fall to 33, then 32 degrees. It kept going down and we started to see icicles about 3” long on all the signs.

Fortunately the freeway did not get slippery. There was actually slush on the shoulders of the road and at one point we saw a snowplow moving the slush off the road.

We held our breath as the temperature fell as low as 28 degrees. That was about the time it stopped raining though so we were good to go.

Steve lives southwest of St. Louis. We looked on the map to see where Ferguson was. There was a bunch of protesting there and things were getting ugly. However Ferguson was far enough to the north where there was no threat.

Steve told us about a way to find him by taking a few twisting, turning roads. We met him and Shelly and followed them back to where they live in the city of High Ridge.

Just before we got to our meeting point, Dad stopped to get gas. This would turn out to be the cheapest gas we saw all day. In fact it would be the cheapest gas we would see on the whole trip – $2.26 per gallon.

I have been to their house one other time and it is nice except for one thing that I find very confusing. Shelly has a cat who I just can’t figure out.

The cat is not afraid of me and I don’t really feel like chasing it because it doesn’t run away. We have just decided to give each other space and live together in peace.

I guess if the cat tried to run away I could chase it but it just stares at me so I don’t do anything. It’s a little intimidating but it’s very curious about what I do. It ate some of my food and I ate some of its food but please don’t tell any of my friends, especially Mac.

Dad went with Steve to have some barbecue.   Dad said he liked it but he didn’t bring any back which was a bummer.  I hung out with Shelly and the cat.

After they ate their dinner, Steve took Dad downtown where they checked out several things, including the Arch, the St. Louis Cardinals baseball stadium and the Christmas lights at the Anheiser Busch factory.

They called Lewie in San Antonio. That’s where we were supposed to go the next day…

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