Long Strange Trip Part 1 – Englewood to Huntsville

The following is documentation of the trip we made from Florida to California from November 30 to December 4, 2014

14 hrs 30 minutes
772 miles

We got off to an early start on the Sunday morning after Thanksgiving. Dad woke up around 4:00 am and still had lots of last-minute things to do. We hit the road at 5:25 am.

I’m going to miss Englewood and I hope to come back some day. I don’t see how we could possibly find a better dog park or dog beach. The dogs here were mostly really nice and so were most of the people.

First we headed north on the 75. It’s fairly common knowledge that I don’t travel well and I was awake most of the way. Florida is a long state and it takes a long time to leave.

Dad decided he was going to try a different route where he would not go into Georgia at all. We got to the 10 freeway on the 75 while still in Florida and started heading west.

We listened to the Jacksonville Jaguars football game on the radio.  They don’t have much of a team this year, having won only one game all year. They quickly fell behind 21-0 to the New York Giants.

We started losing reception somewhere along the way and it was not until much later that we found out Jacksonville had somehow managed to make a miracle comeback and win the game! Poor Eli!

We finally started heading north when we got even with a city called Dothan, Alabama. If you’ve never been to Dothan, don’t feel too bad because you haven’t missed out on too much!

We drove and we drove. The cheapest gas we saw was $2.53 per gallon. There was some minor traffic congestion in some places but not too bad overall.

Probably folks were heading home after the long Thanksgiving weekend. By the way, Dad and I had an interesting Thanksgiving day in Miami I’ll have to tell you about in another post.

We picked up an hour with the time change from Eastern to Central time zones. It still took us a long time though. We had two big slowdowns south of Birmingham and another on the north side.

The first one slowed down to a complete stop at one point but it picked up again fairly quickly. The second one was less bothersome.

The third was a traffic accident. Dave and Lisa seemed to think the first slowdowns may have been the result of traffic from the big Auburn/Alabama football game yesterday.

The delays set us back a little bit and instead of having dinner with Aunt Velma, Dave and Lisa we agreed that they should go ahead and plan to eat before we got there. Instead of our expected time of 5:00 pm, it was closer to 7:00 pm.

We still got to visit with everyone when we finally got there though. Dave and Lisa had to work early the next day so we were glad they still came out to see us. It was nice to see Aunt Velma and I think she enjoyed seeing us too.

Dad had eaten some cookies in the car and so he didn’t really feel like going back out for dinner.  We stayed at the nice room they reserved for us at the same place Aunt Velma lives. We stayed there a couple times before too.

Our first day of travel was a big one.  We didn’t have as far to go on the second day so it was going to be a little easier.  Basically, every other day was a long day with shorter drives in between.

Tune in later for Part 2 of our trip across the country…

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