Same Dog, New Address

My apologies for disappearing lately. We have had a few changes that have not allowed us to spend much time on my blog. I promise I will try to get back to it soon. It might not happen right away but when things get settled a little, we should be able to post more regularly.

Who knows why these things happen? I have found it better not to try to figure it out. The bottom line is, we moved across the country. We went from the quiet serenity of Englewood, Florida to the raucous chaos of Southern California. Needless to say it’s a bit of a culture shock, even to a relatively young dog like me.

The people and the pace of everything seems to be crazy here but Dad assures me that it’s normal. I like to think I can roll with the punches but I was surprised by the different things I ran into. For the most part, the dogs on the west coast are the same as the dogs in other parts of the country so that’s nice. The people, on the other hand, are quite a bit different.

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