As the Tail Wags – “Extra! Extra!”

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Season 1, Episode 32

We left the town of Labrador Falls where Rex the dog had become a local hero. He had been given credit for saving the life of his owner, David Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins had been in the hospital and was dying. Krystal Sullivan was a nurse at the Labrador Falls Regional Hospital.

It was Krystal who brought Rex to the hospital to see his owner. She had not expected to save the man’s life but that is basically what happened. The man responded to his dog being there by making a complete recovery. There had been stories in the news on television.

The next day, the morning paper carried a big story as well…


Krystal and Rex had become an overnight sensation. Life was going to be a little different for a couple weeks or so. Krystal realized this as soon as she stepped outside of her apartment to get her mail. The first person to see her greeted her with congratulations on a job well done.

She went to the store and someone saw her with Fantasia and asked if that was Rex the Wonder Dog. Fantasia bristled at that suggestion. Wasn’t it clear to them that she was a yellow lab and not a male, golden retriever mix? She was getting a little jealous of Krystal but was also proud of her. Fantasia made a note to herself to give Rex some good-natured kidding next time they met.

Back at the hospital, Mr. Jenkins had also become somewhat of a celebrity. It was unclear to him just exactly what had happened but by the time he saw the news stories on the TV in his room he was beginning to comprehend. Someone brought him the morning paper and he was proud to see the picture of his dog, Rex.

“That’s you on the front page of the paper, buddy!” Old Man Jenkins said to his dog. Rex just wagged his tail as he had done so often in the last day or so. “They say we might be able to go home soon if I continue to recover. I guess I was pretty close to being a goner.”

Rex looked at him and gave a hint of recognition to what Jenkins had said. It was good to have his owner back healthy. They were taking pretty good care of him in the hospital too. Rex had no complaints about the hospital food. There was always someone to volunteer to take him outside too.

“I could get to like this,” Rex smiled to himself…

Tune in next time for the exciting adventures of…

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