As the Tail Wags – “Local Heroes”

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Season 1, Episode 31

Last time we met, we saw an exhausted Krystal Sullivan leaving the hospital with her dog Fantasia. She had just pulled off a minor miracle by bringing Old Man Jenkin’s dog, Rex to the hospital to see the old man on his deathbed. The effect that Rex had on the dying man saved his life.

The hospital was buzzing with news of the miracle dog and the wonderful act of thoughtfulness on the part of Nurse Sullivan who came up with the idea that saved the man’s life. The dog was treated as royalty and allowed to stay with the Mr. Jenkins.

Krystal and Fantasia had gone home where Krystal was trying to go through the last 24 hours in her mind. It was an absolute blur of activity and seemed to her as if it had all started weeks ago. She looked in the refrigerator for something to eat. She couldn’t find anything but gave Fantasia and extra big bowl of food.

Breaking 2Krystal mindlessly flipped on the TV to the local news. It was the Channel 7 ‘Super News Crew’ and they were talking about some breaking news story. Krystal did not care all that much for the news but she had a crush on the weatherman, Slate Foggymore.


What shocked her next was seeing her photograph on television. “That’s a terrible picture of me!” she blurted out at her television. “I can’t believe they put that picture of me on TV!” But instead of being angry, she found herself laughing as if it didn’t bother her.Breaking 3

It was true that the picture of her was not the most flattering. It was one the hospital must have given the local media. It had been taken for the hospital’s records.

Krystal had not been prepared to have her picture taken and certainly didn’t think it would ever be used in public. She was giving a blank stare, probably wishing at the time that she was doing something else.

In the past, Krystal would have been mortified to know that the city was seeing her on television looking this way. But something had changed in her. Maybe it was because she was so tired. Maybe it was the trauma of having experienced so much in such a short time.

Whatever it was, Krystal felt lighter and happier than she could remember. It was as if the recent events made her see things differently and caused her to rethink some of her personal priorities. For instance, why was her appearance so important to her? Why did she have these vain thoughts about always looking beautiful?

Slate 2

She realized there might be more important things to think and worry about. She watched the local news as they switched to weather with Slate Foggymore. Slate was a smooth-talking guy with a deep, dark tan. He jumped on the bandwagon that was talking about the man whose life had been saved by a dog.

He said he would like to give a special shout out to the nurse who brought the man and his dog together. Krystal was flattered but did not go crazy like she might have in the past. Here was Slate Foggymore giving her props on television! Why wasn’t she more excited?

She decided the attraction she had for him was physical and concluded that she should go for someone who was a little less pretentious. Slate obviously had a high opinion of himself and his tanning-booth skin and keyboard smile were not having the usual effect on her.

Finally, the talk about her and Rex’s heroics subsided and Slate actually talked about the weather. Krystal noticed that he took no responsibility for failing to predict the thunderstorm that fell last night. Must have slipped his mind!

Krystal looked forward to the hot bath that awaited and remembered the pint of Häagen Dazs in the freezer. Along with Fantasia sleeping comfortably nearby, she couldn’t think of anything else she would rather do…

Tune in next time for the exciting adventures of…

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