As the Tail Wags – “Local Heroes”

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Season 1, Episode 31

Last time we met, we saw an exhausted Krystal Sullivan leaving the hospital with her dog Fantasia. She had just pulled off a minor miracle by bringing Old Man Jenkin’s dog, Rex to the hospital to see the old man on his deathbed. The effect that Rex had on the dying man saved his life.

The hospital was buzzing with news of the miracle dog and the wonderful act of thoughtfulness on the part of Nurse Sullivan who came up with the idea that saved the man’s life. The dog was treated as royalty and allowed to stay with the Mr. Jenkins.

Krystal and Fantasia had gone home where Krystal was trying to go through the last 24 hours in her mind. It was an absolute blur of activity and seemed to her as if it had all started weeks ago. She looked in the refrigerator for something to eat. She couldn’t find anything but gave Fantasia and extra big bowl of food.

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