As the Tail Wags – “Rex’s Miracle”

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Season 1, Episode 30

Last time we visited, David Jenkins lay dying in his hospital bed. Krystal Sullivan took it upon herself to take the man’s dog, Rex to the hospital to see his owner one last time. Krystal entered the hospital and was told that the man had been moved from the CCU to a room on the second floor.

Krystal dashed up three flights of stairs with Rex by her side. They got to the room that Mr. Jenkins was in. The poor man was all alone on his deathbed. Rex quickly recognized his owner and began to wag his tail. Krystal watched the heart monitor beat periodically with old man Jenkins’s ragged heartbeat.

What happened next was impossible to define in the annals of Labrador Hills Regional Hospital lore. The man who had been left for dead seemed to be responding to his dog. The dog put his front feet on the bed and began licking the man’s hand.

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