As the Tail Wags – “One Last Visit”

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Season 1, Episode 29

When we last visited, we found Krystal Sullivan, driving her convertible back to town on the freeway, going well beyond the speed limit. She had decided she needed to get back to Labrador Falls as quickly as possible. Paying no attention to the posted speed, she zoomed back to the city.

At the Johnson house, young Preston Johnson answered the doorbell and found what he thought to be a solicitor at the front door. She appeared to be out of breath and in a hurry. She was dressed funny. Preston was curious enough to listen but he was not going to buy anything.

“Hi, you must be Preston,” the woman said. Preston was shocked to find that the strangely dressed woman knew his name. “Are your parents here? It’s really important!”

Preston was recovering from the surprise of having a stranger recognize him and answered, “Um… no. Can I ask what this is about?”

Krystal Sullivan saw the confused expression on the boy’s face and decided that she needed to explain everything she could. She was in a hurry, but the boy would probably not cooperate with her if she didn’t make herself clear. She wanted him to realize that she was not a threat to him.

Krystal explained, “I’m Krystal Sullivan. I came by last night looking for the dog named Rex who lives next door. There was a bad accident and Old Man Jenkins from next door was in it and got hurt. I came to your house to look for the dog because nobody was at the Jenkins house.

“Your parents found the dog – or at least the dog found us,” she continued. “Anyway, here’s the deal. Mr. Jenkins is in the hospital and it doesn’t look like he’s going to make it. He might only have a few more hours to live. I was hoping you could let me take the dog with me to the hospital and Mr. Jenkins could see Rex one last time.”

Things were starting to make a little more sense to Preston. His parents had basically explained to him what had happened last night and Krystal was helping to fill in the blanks. His parents had told him how Krystal was a nurse and that explained the hospital scrubs she was wearing.

Preston was going through the details in his mind. Everything seemed to check out. Maybe it was the hours and hours of video games, sorting through complex fantasy scenarios, finding solutions and acting to resolve conflict. Whatever it was, he figured it was too complicated to be a trick so he agreed to her request.

“Okay. I guess it’s okay if you take the dog. I was just going to let them in. They were all barking when they heard the doorbell ring,” said Preston.

“Oh, thank you so much. I’ll take Rex to the hospital and then bring him back as soon as I’m done. You can come with me if you like,” Krystal suggested.

“Well, I have to mow the lawn and I don’t really like hospitals. But you can come in for a minute while I get the dog.” Krystal stepped inside the house she had just been to last night. So much had happened in the last 24 hours.

Preston went to the sliding glass door at rear of the house and let in all three dogs who were wagging their tails in anticipation of meeting the stranger. They quickly recognized her when they came in and made a dash toward her. She greeted them happily.

“I’ll let you use one of Rover’s leashes. I don’t see one for Rex,” said Preston. It was true that Rex did not have a leash. His leash was still in the smashed up pickup truck he had been riding in when Mr. Jenkins had gotten into the accident.

“That’s great! I should be going now,” said Krystal, eager to put the dog in her car and drive to the hospital. She left the Johnson home with Rex in tow. He greeted Fantasia who had been waiting patiently in the car. Krystal was proud that Fantasia had resisted the temptation to jump out of the convertible.

Now Krystal and the two dogs sped down the streets of Labrador Falls toward the Labrador Falls Regional Hospital. It was about 15 minutes away but Krystal would make it in under ten.

Krystal knew it was against hospital policy. She knew her actions were highly irregular. Had she lost her mind? Was she going to be in big trouble? Was she going to be fired? None of that seemed to matter. Krystal had one thing on her mind and nothing was going to stop her.

She quickly parked and jumped out of her car. She stormed into the hospital almost sprinting to the main entrance. A woman at the main desk stood up and held her hand up high, as if ready for the teacher to call on her.

But Krystal didn’t give her a chance. She zoomed past and into an elevator and was headed downstairs to the CCU before the woman even had a chance to talk.

The elevator ride to the CCU on the basement floor was only seconds but it seemed like hours. When the light came on and the bell sounded, Krystal jumped ran out and immediately raced to the room Mr. Jenkins was in. But the room was empty. A flood of panic overtook her as she realized she was too late.

Krystal was crushed. She walked out of the room and she could not stop the flow of tears as they began to drip from her eyes. All of the emotions of the last 24 hours seemed to be draining out of her eyes as the floodgates opened.

She stood outside the door of the room sobbing, feeling like the loneliest person in the world. She forced herself to gather the strength.

She would try to see the man even if he was dead.  He may have died with nobody there, but she was determined to let the man’s dog see him one last time.

She went to the desk in the CCU to use one of the computers there. They may have moved him to a room temporarily before taking him to the morgue.

She cringed at the thought of the ice-cold bodies kept down there. She shook the thought from her mind and saw a woman there she recognized.

The woman looked at Krystal and said, ”Oh my god, Krystal! You look like you’ve been through hell! Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that but you really don’t look good!”

“That’s okay, Angie. I’m sure I look like a wreck. Hey look, there was a guy here named David Jenkins. I think he died earlier this morning. I was hoping I could find where they took him. Is he down in the morgue?” Krystal blurted out.

“But you’ve got…”

“It’s really important!” Krystal interrupted. “Please find out where he is!” Angie dove into her computer and began her search. She could tell by the urgency in Krystal’s voice that this was an unusual situation.

“Here he is. He’s on the second floor. According to this, he’s still hanging in there. It looks like it’s only a matter of time though….” Angie’s voice trailed off as she gave Krystal the report.

Before another word could be said, Krystal was on her way to the stairwell. She would run up the three flights of stairs. It would be quicker than using the elevators and she would not likely run into anybody on the way. “Thanks, Angie! I owe you one!” Krystal yelled over her shoulder.

In a flash, Krystal reached the second floor. She gathered herself and went to the room number Angie had given her. “This is it,” said Krystal as she reached the room Mr. Jenkins had been assigned to.

The room had the aura of death as she and Rex entered …

Tune in next time for the exciting adventures of…

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