As the Tail Wags – “Krystal Has an Idea”

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Season 1, Episode 28

Last time we met, Krystal Sullivan had asked to leave the hospital to be alone with her thoughts. She had left behind a dying man whom she knew would spend his final hours alone and frightened. The guilt consumed her but she tried to be strong by telling herself she did everything she could do that was within her power.

She and her yellow lab, Fantasia, drove out of town. The summer sun was starting to make it nice and warm. Krystal decided to put the top down on her convertible and try to get away from the sad situation at the hospital. She would distance herself, both figuratively and literally.

Soon she was ten miles out of town on a quiet country road. Things were peaceful out here and Krystal felt she had done the right thing. She could have stayed at the hospital and finished her shift, but she would have been going through the motions and the day would have seemed endless.

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