As the Tail Wags – “Old Man Jenkins Gets Worse”

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Season 1, Episode 26

When we left the last time, we were inside the Labrador Falls Regional Hospital where patients involved in the traffic accident the night before were recovering. Krystal Sullivan was a nurse who worked at the hospital and had checked in for her normal day of work.

She had been out yesterday with her dog, Fantasia.  They had gone to the dog park and stopped when they reached the accident last night on their way home.  By coincidence, Krystal had helped both of the accident victims.

She had just checked up on the young woman, Chelsea Baker, who was resting comfortably on the 5th floor. She was about to make her way down the  Critical Care Unit on the basement floor. She had a feeling that something was not quite right with David Jenkins.

Jenkins had suffered a wound to his arm that was not life-threatening, but when Krystal looked for him, she noticed they had placed him in the CCU. This was unusual unless there were complications. Krystal made her way down to the CCU by taking the large elevator.

When she got off the elevator and began walking toward the reception area, she got a feeling that came on like a sixth sense. There are times in the hospital, especially in the CCU, when there was a certain tense feeling in the air. This was usually when a Code Blue emergency was announced or if someone went into cardiac arrest.

The feeling was unmistakable and with the years of experience she had working in hospitals, she was very sharp at picking up on it. Yes, it was here and she had not even seen another face yet. She went past the reception area and looked into the first couple rooms.

Inside those rooms were patients, but they seemed to be calm and comfortable. She got to the fourth room that read  ‘Jenkins, David’ written neatly on a greaseboard on the door. She stepped in and could hear steady mumbling as several staff members were talking.

Not wanting to interrupt, she knew that if she could read his chart, she could get a pretty good idea of what was going on. She maneuvered her way past two of the doctors talking quietly and found his chart at the foot of the bed.

She quickly read the details of what his treatment, condition and medications were and soon realized that Mr. Jenkins was worse off than when he arrived. Once again, there was an irrational feeling of guilt as Krystal blamed herself for something she had no control over.

It was a part of being in the medical profession. No matter whether you are the most talented, veteran neurosurgeon or the rookie nurse assigned to bed pan detail, there was always an attachment to patients that was unavoidable.

As well-trained as they typically were, there was still no way to remove the human element and develop a bond to any patient with whom you have made acquaintance with. It was natural. Some are able to disassociate and detach themselves better than others, but almost all have a small personal interest that cannot be stifled.

Krystal chatted with one of the nurses who was not in a discussion with the others.  That nurse filled in on the rest of the gaps as far as Mr. Jenkin’s condition was concerned. Unfortunately, the future did not look good for Old Man Jenkins.

A weak pulse appeared as blips on a heart monitor. The man looked much older and more frail than when she saw him last night. His chart said he was 63 years old but he could have passed for much older. At least now she knew why he was in the CCU…

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