As the Tail Wags – “Hospital Report”

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Season 1, Episode 25

Last time we looked in on the sleepy town of Labrador Falls, we found life returning to normal after a surprise thunderstorm. The morning was bright and fresh after its bath last night. There had been a traffic accident that involved some of our dog friends.

Krystal Sullivan was working at the hospital where she was a nurse. She had looked in the hospital records for the two accident victims she had helped with last night. She found where Chelsea Baker’s room was. Chelsea had broken her arm and was on the fifth floor.

When Krystal did not see David Jenkins on the list of patients in the general pop (population) she looked at the list of patients in the Critical Care Unit (CCU). She was taken aback briefly when she found his name among the patients on this list.

“Why would he be in CCU?” she wondered to herself. She had helped stabilize Mr. Jenkins last night. She treated him for a cut near his shoulder. She did not feel the injury would require the type of attention they give patients in that part of the hospital.

Krystal decided she would go down to the CCU right away to find out more about Mr. Jenkins. She normally tried to distance herself emotionally from patients in order to maintain her professional integrity.

However Mr. Jenkins had been through a lot and did not know that his dog, Rex was safely with his neighbors, the Johnsons.  Krystal knew about Rex and therefore now had personal reasons for interfacing with Mr. Jenkins.

Krystal went to her station to get a briefing on her patient load and the responsibilities she would have for this day. She decided to try to switch with the nurse who was assigned to David Jenkins so she would be able to help with his care.

However she needed to make her rounds before this could happen. She had stops on several floors and when she got to the fifth floor she decided to pay a call on Chelsea Baker. She reached her room 512 and politely gave the door a tap before coming in.

“Hi, Chelsea. Do you remember me? I’m Krystal Sullivan. I helped you last night before the paramedics got there,” said Krystal. Chelsea was alert but paused for a moment as she went through the events of the night before.

Chart 1

Having been in a head-on collision was traumatic to say the least and Chelsea was still putting the pieces of the puzzle together when she realized and recognized Krystal. “Oh yes. I remember now. Thank you! I was probably acting goofy. I don’t remember anything I said,” said Chelsea.

“Don’t worry about it, you were fine, considering the circumstances. I hope you’re feeling okay.  How are you?” Krystal asked. She was trying to move the conversation forward and not dwell on the accident.

She knew from experience that patients sometimes could have a setback in their recovery by having recollections of negative things that had occurred. She wanted to steer the talk toward Chelsea’s recovery and rehab.

“I’m pretty good, thanks. I was a little bit sore but they gave me something that took away the pain and put me in a pretty good mood!” she joked. Krystal was happy to see this reaction. It was amazing how a patient’s attitude had a direct impact on their healing.

“That’s great!” said Krystal. “Have they said when you might be able to go home?” she asked.

“Probably another day or two,” replied Chelsea. “I think they want to do a few more tests. I’m going to need some surgery in a couple weeks but they want the swelling to go down a little first.”

Krystal had already known this after reviewing her chart. She also knew they would be doing some tests to make sure Chelsea’s brain patterns were normal.  They would be making sure Chelsea had not suffered a concussion.

Soon the conversation went back to the accident. Chelsea was concerned about what had happened to the other accident victim, Mr. Jenkins. Krystal explained that she thought he would be okay.

She had treated him last night and he appeared to be stable. However she said she had not had a chance to see him yet.

The more Krystal thought about why Mr. Jenkins was in CCU, the more concerned she became. She promised Chelsea she would let her know as soon as she found out more about his condition.

It gnawed at Krystal why Old Man Jenkins would be in the CCU when his injuries didn’t appear to require that kind of care. She made it a point to go down and check on him just as soon as she left Chelsea…

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