As the Tail Wags – “The Dog Version”

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Season 1, Episode 23

Last time, we were at the Johnson house and things had gotten chaotic until peace was restored. Three dogs came charging into the house from outside. Two of the dogs belonged to Al and Sandy Johnson and the other belonged to Old Man Jenkins from next door.

A fourth dog was added to the mix when Krystal Sullivan went to her car and brought in her yellow lab, Fantasia. All four dogs had been at the dog park earlier that night. Now they were all in the Johnsons’ back yard.

“So, Rex. Tell us all about the accident,” said Tillie. Tillie and Rex were the dog equivalent of boyfriend and girlfriend. Although Rex lived right next door, there was a fence between them so they really only got to spend time together when both were at the dog park.

“It was pretty scary,” Rex started. “We were going down Malamute Parkway on our way home and it was raining really hard. There was this car that came right at us. Jenkins was trying to make a left turn at the time but there was nothing he could do so ‘Pow’, we got hit!”

“You poor thing. It’s amazing you didn’t get hurt!” said Tillie sympathetically.

“I got banged around a little bit. I’ll probably be sore tomorrow,” Rex said.

“So tell us the rest of the story, Rex. Krystal and I showed up right after it happened and we didn’t see you. How did you get back here?” asked Fantasia, who was in Krystal’s car when they came upon the accident that had just occurred.

“Well, lucky for me the window was down. It was still raining but Jenkins had the window down because I was making them steam up. When the cars crashed I was able to get to my feet and jump out the window. I was kind of confused at first. There was glass and junk all over the road and cars were zooming by.

“Finally the police and other rescue vehicles started coming. Those sirens scared me so I took off. I knew I wasn’t too far from home so that’s where I decided to go.”

“What about your owner? Wasn’t he hurt in the crash?” asked Rover. He and Rex were good friends after living next door to each other for so long.

“I felt bad leaving him there. But I was getting scared. Then I saw your owner, Fantasia. She was helping Dave. I know some of the other owners at the dog park don’t care for her too much, but she’s a real hero in my book. I could tell he was in good hands with the way she was taking care of him.”

Fantasia blushed, but since she was a fur-covered dog, none of the others noticed. Fantasia said, “Yeah, Krystal is like that. She tries to put on this act where she wears sexy clothes and makeup but she’s really nice when you get to know her.”

“So go on. What happened then?,” encouraged Tillie.

“Since I was pretty close to home and we’d been on that road lots of times, I figured I could make it back here.  I knew if I could find the house and get into the back yard, I could go in through the doggie door. I found my way back to the house but I couldn’t get to the back yard.

“I guess I was making quite a bit of noise by the time you guys (Tillie and Rover) heard me,” explained Rex. He had left the scene of the accident and had run home about a mile to get to his house on Elmwood, right next door to the Johnsons.

“We heard you all right. You were making some serious noise. We thought there was a burglar breaking into the house,” said Rover.

“Yeah. Sorry, but I got this crazy notion that if I could jump up on the garbage can, I could jump over the fence and into the back yard. That didn’t work out so well.” said Rex. He had knocked over the garbage can which made all kinds of noise. The banging is what made Tillie and Rover start barking.

Neither Tillie nor Rover reminded Rex that he was also whining quite loudly, as if crying to get someone’s attention to let him inside. “Then you guys showed up with Mr. Johnson.   I figured I would at least be able to have some place to stay,” Rex said.

“Well you may get to stay with us for a little while. I heard the owners say that they took your owner to the hospital. I hope you can stay here while he gets better!” said Tillie excited that she would get to hang out with Rex.

“It’s lucky for me that you guys live right next door!” said Rex. I don’t know what I would have done. I’d probably be out on the streets tonight.”

Back inside the house, the owners were talking and making plans. The Johnsons decided that it made sense to keep Rex. Krystal would find Mr. Jenkins at the hospital the next day when she went in to work.

She would tell him that Rex was safe and in good hands. She did not think it was a good idea to try to contact him yet that night since he was probably heavily sedated and it was so late.

“Sounds like a plan!” Al Johnson said. They all said their good nights and Krystal gathered Fantasia to take her home to her apartment on the south side. The Labrador Falls Regional Hospital was also on the south side of town, just a few minutes from Krystal’s apartment.

The town of Labrador Falls was finally quiet for the night…

Tune in next time for the exciting adventures of…

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