As the Tail Wags – “The Dog Version”

Wag 3Wag 1As the 4
Season 1, Episode 23

Last time, we were at the Johnson house and things had gotten chaotic until peace was restored. Three dogs came charging into the house from outside. Two of the dogs belonged to Al and Sandy Johnson and the other belonged to Old Man Jenkins from next door.

A fourth dog was added to the mix when Krystal Sullivan went to her car and brought in her yellow lab, Fantasia. All four dogs had been at the dog park earlier that night. Now they were all in the Johnsons’ back yard.

“So, Rex. Tell us all about the accident,” said Tillie. Tillie and Rex were the dog equivalent of boyfriend and girlfriend. Although Rex lived right next door, there was a fence between them so they really only got to spend time together when both were at the dog park.

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