As the Tail Wags – “Nighttime Attack”

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Season 1, Episode 22

There was quite a commotion just as we left off last time in Labrador Falls, at the home of Al and Sandy Johnson. Fellow dog owner Krystal Sullivan had come to their door looking for the dog who lived next door to them. It’s owner, Mr. Jenkins, had been in a car accident and was in the hospital. Krystal had set out to try to find the man’s dog, Rex.

Both women had just stepped out in the back yard looking for Sandy’s husband, Al. All of a sudden there was a big commotion as Krystal let out a scream of terror. She thought she was being attacked by three dogs. She instinctively turned her back and crouched low, awaiting impact.

There were three dogs all right, but these were happy dogs. They came up to the two women and were licking and wagging their tails. In the heat of the moment it seemed as if the dogs were attacking, when actually they were just coming back inside from being outdoors.

Al Johnson was trailing behind them and when he reached the back of the house where the ladies were, he explained the situation. First of all he introduced himself to Krystal. “Hi, I’m Al Johnson. I recognize you from the dog park. Sorry the dogs came running at you like that but they were just happy to be going back inside.”

Sandy interjected. “Al! Where were you? One minute you’re outside in the back yard and the next thing I know, you come storming in through the front door with three dogs!”

“Hey, I’m sorry. But there’s an explanation.” Al began to tell them the facts as he knew them.

Sandy quickly spoke, “Hold on a second. Krystal, would you like a cup of tea? It sounds like this might take awhile.”

Krystal replied, “Uh…sure. But would you mind if I went out to the car and brought in my dog, Fantasia? She’s out in the car, probably wondering what’s going on. She’s been in the car ever since we left the dog park.”

“Sure, no problem. We can put them all out in the back for a little while,” replied Sandy.

Krystal went out to her car where her dog was waiting for her. Fantasia was trying to figure things out herself. Here she was at a strange house, trapped inside the car and all this excitement was going on.

Krystal hustled Fantasia back inside the house where the Johnsons and three other dogs were. All four dogs were sent outside via the sliding glass door.

Finally things were calming down again and Al Johnson began to explain what had happened. “I was out in the back with Tillie and Rover when we heard the strangest whining. It was coming from Old Man Jenkin’s house.

“I went near the fence and tried to figure out what it was. The dogs were barking so I went through the gate and out to the front yard.”

The Johnson’s had a gate between their garage and the fence which separated the front and back yards. Al had gone through the gate to get to the front yard and to investigate the noise he heard coming from the Jenkins house.

He continued, “When I got through the gate, the dogs were really going crazy with their barking but they were wagging their tails like they recognized whoever it was out there. Well, it turns out it was Rex from next door and he was outside the house.

“It looked like he wanted back in.  That’s when I banged on Old Man Jenkin’s door and nobody answered, so I just brought them all back over here through the front door.”

“Well you scared the living daylights out of us!” exclaimed Sandy. “We just about had a heart attack.  I thought those dogs were going to pounce on Krystal!”

“I’m sorry about that. But I still can’t figure out…” Al Johnson trailed off as he was trying to think about why the neighbor’s dog was outside by himself with nobody home, especially since they had seen Jenkins earlier that night at the dog park.

“I think I can explain,” stated Krystal. Then she told how she had come across the accident on Malamute Parkway and gotten the man’s address which led her to the Jenkin’s house and finally to the Johnson’s house. It proved to be a correct assumption that the dog would find its way back to his home.

“So that was a smart call on your part for coming over here to look for Rex,” Al said to Krystal.

“Thanks. I really didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t think it was right to just go home without searching more,” Krystal responded.

Meanwhile, outside the four dogs were having a conversation of their own…

Tune in next time for the exciting adventures of…

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