As the Tail Wags – “Too Quiet Outside”

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Season 1, Episode 21

Last time we met, the Johnsons had received a late night visit from Krystal Sullivan who had been trying to locate the lost dog of David Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins had been involved in a traffic accident and was taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, his dog Rex, who was with him during the accident, was missing.

Krystal had gone looking for Rex and decided to try the man’s house in case the dog had somehow found his way back home. When she didn’t see the dog at his house on Elmwood, Krystal knocked on the neighbor’s house next door. Unbeknownst to her, this was the home of the Johnsons whom she had just seen earlier that evening at the Labrador Falls Dog Park.

Krystal was greeted at the door by Sandy Johnson who invited her inside. Her husband, Al was outside in the back yard with their dogs, Tillie and Rover. There had been a noisy disturbance outside but when Sandy opened the sliding glass door to the back and called for her husband, there was no answer.

Owl 3

This was unusual. Was Al playing a trick on her? “Al, it’s not funny. Please answer!” Sandy shouted. Still no reply. It was eerily quiet. The clouds had parted to reveal a mostly full moon which lit the yard with its dim bulb.

Sandy squinted to see but could not make out any objects or movement. Normally their dogs would be running around with excitement, especially upon seeing her open the door.

However, this time there was just silence. The wind rustled slightly and distant wind chimes could be heard.

Krystal had followed Sandy outside to help look for Al but neither of them saw anything. They were getting ready to turn around and head back in through the door that had been left open when they were caught off guard by motion from inside the house which came their way in a flash.

Krystal screamed in terror as she was closest to the door and the first to be struck by the onslaught…Owl 2

Tune in next time for the exciting adventures of…

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