As the Tail Wags – “Late Night Visitor”

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Season 1, Episode 20

On our last visit, we were at the Johnson residence where Mr. Johnson had just taken his dogs, Tillie and Rover out in the back yard for one last stop at the doggie restroom before going to bed for the night. The dogs heard something outside and were barking. Al Johnson also heard the noise and wondered if it was neighborhood kids.

Sandy Johnson had heard the commotion from inside their home and was walking to the back to check it out when she was startled by the chime of the front door bell. After nearly leaping a foot in the air, Sandy reversed her footing and headed toward the front door.

“Who would be coming here at this time of night?” she said under her breath. Shortly after the door chime had sounded there was impatient knocking as well. “Hold on. I’m coming!” shouted Sandy, beginning to get perturbed. She approached the front door cautiously.

She looked through the peep-hole and could see the outline of a person, looking around nervously. She turned on the porch light to reveal a woman standing there whom she recognized as Krystal from the dog park.

“Why the heck would she be knocking on our door at this time of night?” wondered Sandy Johnson to herself.

Sandy unlocked and opened the door and invited the woman inside. It had been just an hour ago that Sandy and Debbie Meyers had secretly mocked Krystal for showing up at the dog park looking like a floozy. They had quietly laughed when Krystal struggled in the rain.

Now Krystal appeared much more serious and the look on her face told Sandy that something was wrong. “I’m really sorry to bother you but I didn’t know what else to do,” Krystal began to explain. “I was at the dog park earlier and… Hey! You were there too!” Krystal exclaimed as she recognized Sandy Johnson.

Krystal was surprised that the door she knocked on was that of someone who she had just seen. She fumbled for the words and finally continued, “I was driving home from the dog park and there was a big accident on Malamute Parkway. I’m a nurse so I stopped to help and one of the people I was treating was a man named Jenkins.”

“Old man Jenkins?” Sandy interjected.

“Yes, David Jenkins. He was at the dog park too,”

“Oh no! He lives right next door. Was he hurt?” asked Sandy.

“Yes, but he should be okay. They took him to the hospital in an ambulance. The problem is his dog. He was in the car with him and after the accident, the dog was no where to be seen. Old man Jenkins was pretty upset.”

“I bet he was. He’s a crusty old sort but he loves his dog. I can’t imagine what he’s going through,” Sandy said. She was beginning to understand the whole scenario.

Krystal continued, “Anyway, he was pleading with me to find his dog. I told him I would do what I could. I looked all around the accident site and didn’t see any sign of it.

“The only other thing I knew to do was to come to the address he gave me. I thought there might be some chance that his dog found its way home.”

“I see. Well we just got home ourselves so we really haven’t noticed anything except… wait! My husband is out back and they heard some noises. I’ll call him in and we’ll find out if he saw anything out there. Can I get you some dry clothes or something?”

Although Krystal could have used some dry clothes, she declined. She wanted to finish what little she could do and go back to her apartment in south Labrador Falls where she was looking forward to a hot shower.

Sandy invited Krystal to the back of the house where they stepped out through the sliding glass door. Sandy called out, “Al, where are you?”  There was no answer. “That’s strange…”

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