As the Tail Wags – “Late Night Visitor”

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Season 1, Episode 20

On our last visit, we were at the Johnson residence where Mr. Johnson had just taken his dogs, Tillie and Rover out in the back yard for one last stop at the doggie restroom before going to bed for the night. The dogs heard something outside and were barking. Al Johnson also heard the noise and wondered if it was neighborhood kids.

Sandy Johnson had heard the commotion from inside their home and was walking to the back to check it out when she was startled by the chime of the front door bell. After nearly leaping a foot in the air, Sandy reversed her footing and headed toward the front door.

“Who would be coming here at this time of night?” she said under her breath. Shortly after the door chime had sounded there was impatient knocking as well. “Hold on. I’m coming!” shouted Sandy, beginning to get perturbed. She approached the front door cautiously.

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