As the Tail Wags – “A Bump in the Night”

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Season 1, Episode 19

We had left off with Krystal Sullivan driving on the east side of Labrador Falls. She was looking for the home of David Jenkins, who had been involved in a bad car accident.

His dog Rex was missing among the confusion in the aftermath of the accident. Jenkins had been treated and taken to the hospital and could not look for his dog himself.

Krystal, a nurse who had helped those at the accident scene, promised to look for Mr. Jenkins’ dog. She had searched the surrounding area with no luck.

The only thing she could think of was to search near the man’s home. Perhaps Rex would recognize where he was and make his way home.

Meanwhile, Al and Sandy Johnson had just arrived home in their SUV with their dogs, Tillie and Rover. They had been to the Labrador Falls Dog Park when the rainstorm came.

They gave a ride to their friends, Ben and Debbie Meyers, who lived close to the dog park and had walked there with their dog, Chloe.

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