As the Tail Wags – “Where’s Rex?”

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Season 1, Episode 18

Last time we met, there was a bad accident on the streets of Labrador Falls late on a warm summer night. A surprise rainstorm had made the roads slippery and travel hazardous. The patrons from the dog park were making their way home.

Krystal Sullivan was a nurse who had left the dog park with her dog, Fantasia, later than most because she was struggling to put the roof on her convertible. She was soaking wet by the time she made it onto the road heading toward south Labrador Falls. She had seen the flashing lights of a traffic accident in front of her.

She got out and began to help with some of the accident victims because emergency personnel were still on their way. She had already helped a young woman with a broken arm and was now focusing her attention on a man who she recognized from the dog park named David Jenkins.

She had helped to stabilize an injury to his shoulder but the real problem now facing them was the whereabouts of his dog, Rex, who had been riding with him in the cab of his pickup.

“I’ve got to find Rex. He’s all I’ve got!” exclaimed Jenkins as Krystal tried to make him more comfortable until the paramedics could take over.

“I’ll try to find him Mr. Jenkins. Can you give me a number where I can reach you?” asked Krystal.

He gave her his number which she recorded on her cell phone. Just about that time, additional paramedics showed up and requested all non-authorized personnel to get back to allow them to work.

Once again, Krystal explained that she was a nurse who had been treating Mr. Jenkins. She described the treatment she had been giving and stepped back to let the paramedics take over.

“Please find my dog! I beg you!” cried Jenkins to Krystal, his face showing the pain of having lost someone very near to him.

Krystal assured him that she would do what she could but was uncertain about where the dog may be at this late hour.  She decided to search the perimeter.

First, she went back to her car and got Fantasia, her yellow lab who was dancing nervously about inside the car. Krystal decided to take Fantasia with her to look for Rex.  It wouldn’t hurt to have two of them searching.

Meanwhile she could see David Jenkins being loaded onto a gurney and being placed inside an ambulance. He was still shouting about finding his dog. He didn’t want to leave the scene without knowing about his dog.

The medical personnel were trying to calm him and had given him sedatives to calm him. Eventually they departed for the hospital.

Krystal Sullivan walked all about the accident scene, making larger circles each time. She felt it would be unlikely to find the dog but she understood how the man must feel. She knew that if she lost Fantasia she would be devastated.

It was well after 11:00 pm and traffic had resumed flowing after the two crashed vehicles were removed. Krystal had resigned herself to being unable to find the dog. However a gnawing feeling made her feel guilty for not being able to help.

She thought about going home. She looked at a map on her cell phone and realized she was not far from the address David Jenkins had given her.  There was a small chance that the dog tried to find his way home.

She decided to drive past the man’s house. Maybe she would get lucky and spot the dog…

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