As the Tail Wags – “Emergency in Labrador Falls”

Wag 3Wag 1As the 4
Season 1, Episode 15

On our last episode, the patrons of the Labrador Falls dog park had all gone home, most of them seeking shelter in their cars from the summer rainstorm that had struck the area. Krystal Sullivan had managed to get the top up on her convertible and left to get on the main thoroughfare heading south toward her apartment in south Labrador Falls.

She slowed down suddenly as she saw bright lights in front of her.  “Oh my!” exclaimed Krystal. The familiar flashing of lights from the emergency vehicles was almost blinding to the eye. Krystal could see in front of her that there had been a recent accident. The police were stopping traffic and the cars had already begun to form a long line.Wreck 5
Krystal’s car was the fifth car away from the police car with its flashing lights on. A fire truck and paramedic vehicle were just arriving. The accident must have just happened within the last few minutes. From her vantage point about 50 feet away, Krystal tried to piece together what had happened.

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