As the Tail Wags – “Madder Than a Wet Hen”

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Season 1, Episode 14

Last time we met, people were on their way home from the dog park. A steady rain had begun to fall just before the dog park closed.

Some were more prepared than others. The Johnsons, owners of Tillie and Rover, and the Meyers’, owners of Chloe, had managed to keep dry using the umbrellas they had brought with them and jumped into the Johnsons’ SUV without getting wet.

For Krystal Sullivan, owner of Fantasia, it had become a nightmare. She had run around clumsily in her high-heeled sandals gathering up Fantasia on her leash.

While the rain fell on her, she had no umbrella and her clothes had gotten soaked and the make-up she had so generously applied, was streaking down her cheeks.

She and Fantasia were a miserable mess by the time they reached Krystal’s convertible, which she had neglected to cover prior to the rainstorm. So there was a very wet human and a very wet dog struggling to get into a very wet car.

Krystal’s language had gotten rather colorful as she stewed about her predicament. Fantasia was giggling silently to herself. She felt much better after explaining to Rover how she did not wish to carry on the persona of snobbery that Krystal was imposing on her.Wet Hen 1

The top to the convertible was a complicated puzzle that was difficult to operate when the weather was clear, let alone when a downpour was making things wet and slippery. She managed to lift the cover over the car and bring it down to latch it, but not without the final indignity of having a small puddle of water, trapped in the pockets, spill out and into the car.

“Damn weatherman!” Krystal yelled out to no one in particular. She was not going to blame herself for this predicament. Certainly this was a conspiracy by those who didn’t appreciate her beauty and classy demeanor.

“That’s the last time I trust the forecast from Slate Foggymore. I’m not watching him or his stupid Channel 7 ‘Super News Crew’ ever again!”

Ironically it was Slate Foggymore who she had a secret crush on. With his shiny, white teeth and permanent tan, that were complemented by his surfer-dude, wavy hair, Slate was quite the catch. Or at least he was in Krystal’s shallow world.

Krystal completed the snapping and clicking on the roof of her convertible and both she and Fantasia were finally being shielded from the rain. As she got into her leather seats, the rain had made them extremely slippery and she nearly slid off and onto the floor of her car as if on the slide at the playground.

A few more curse words and she fired up the car and turned on the heater. Although it was still a relatively balmy 75 degrees out, she was getting a chill from the soaked clothes that clung to her skin.

She then roared out of the parking lot, spinning gravel up into the air, and began heading south toward her apartment on the south side of Labrador Falls.  She was speeding along at a healthy clip until she saw the familiar rotating red and blue lights…

Tune in next time for the exciting adventures of…

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