As the Tail Wags – “Late Night Surprise”

Wag 3Wag 1As the 4
Season 1, Episode 12

Last time, we were at the dog park where Rover had been talking to several dogs who had wondered what he had talked to Fantasia about. They were mostly pleased when he reported that Fantasia wanted to be more like the rest of them.

But the peace and quiet that had resumed at the dog park was about to be shattered…

It came on rather suddenly but storm clouds had been forming and getting more intense as the night went on. It was a pleasant summer evening, but the possibility of rain had been forecast in the local news.Clouds 3

Before long, raindrops began to fall. A few dog park patrons had already made their way to the exit. Then the skies opened up and it really began to fall hard.

It was still nice and warm so it was not too uncomfortable, but people and dogs were scrambling for cover.



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