As the Tail Wags – “Meet Rex and Tito”

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Season 1, Episode 3

We left off with Tillie at the dog park, beginning to think her lover was not going to come to the park…

“Well, I may as well do some running since it doesn’t look like he’s going to show up,” sulked Tillie to herself. She had been at the dog park a half hour and there was no sign of her buddy, Rex. Rex lived next door to the Johnsons where Tillie and Rover lived. He was owned by Old Man Jenkins, a gruff old bird who lived alone.

Ironically, the only time Tillie got to see Rex was when their owners took them to the dog park at the same time. Rex was a seven-year-old golden retriever mix. He apparently had some blue tic in him because he had a howl that could wake the dead.

“Well hello there pretty lady!” Tillie nearly jumped out of her fur wondering how it was everyone was sneaking up on her and beginning conversations without her realizing they were there.

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As the Tail Wags – “Meet Chloe and Samson”

Wag 3Wag 1As the 4
Season 1, Episode 2

We pick up our story with Tillie, who just arrived at the Labrador Falls Dog Park, pondering whether a friend of hers was going to show up. So far it was looking doubtful. However, as she daydreamed, another dog she knew came up to her unexpectedly…



“How are you, Tillie?” a voice behind her asked. Tillie was startled but quickly regained her composure.
“Uh, hi, I’m doing pretty good, thanks. You startled me!”
“I guess I did. Sorry about that,” came the reply from Chloe, a three-year-old border collie. Chloe lived close to the dog park on the north end of town with her owners, Ben and Debbie Meyers.

They were nice people and Chloe was a good dog but they didn’t seem to take note of Chloe’s affection for Samson, a young Doberman who was nothing but trouble.





Like Tillie, Chloe kept in good shape by getting regular workouts at the dog park, which was conveniently close. She was enrolled in agility training classes that newlyweds Ben and Debbie got her signed up for. Chloe liked the training but she also liked to come to the dog park for socializing, which is why she was here on this night.


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As the Tail Wags – “Meet Tillie and Rover”

Wag 3Wag 1As the 4
Season 1, Episode 1

Our story begins in the quiet city of Labrador Falls. On the north end of town, there is a community dog park called the Labrador Falls Dog Park (duh!)

It is a clean and well-cared-for dog park that dogs from all over Labrador Falls and the surrounding area come for fun and socializing. The LFDP is also the main meeting place for dogs of all shapes and sizes. There is a separate area for small dogs that is isolated from the main park by a chain link fence.

On any given day, there may be a couple dozen dogs and that number can swell on pleasant summer evenings like the one we find ourselves in on this day. Today, we meet our first two characters who have come to the dog park in the same SUV.

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Coming Soon

Very soon these pages will offer a new feature that I hope you’ll enjoy.  I’m going to introduce you to the characters in my exciting new soap opera.  Can you say cliffhanger?

Yes, the usual tangled webs, intrigue, love and hate you find in a typical soap opera.  But have you ever heard of such a thing in the dog world?

Look for the debut of…

As the 4

The city of Labrador Falls will never be the same in this tell-all story of forbidden lust, shameful deceit, good dog and bad dog…

Coming Soon!


My Enemy the Cat

Cat 5

Cat 7







Today I’m going to talk about something that should already be obvious. I don’t like cats. There, I said it. I know, I know.

I’ve heard of many households where dogs and cats coexist in relative, apparent harmony. I realize there are exceptions to the rule.  That may work for them but I’m sorry, it doesn’t work for me.

Maybe it’s the idea that cats think they are the owners.   Maybe it’s the pooping in a box or the always-landing-on-their-feet thingy.   Maybe it’s the hairballs or the strange sounds they make.   Maybe it’s the alleged nine lives.   Quite honestly, I don’t know and I really don’t care.   I just have to put cats in the Do-Not-Like category.

Cat 1Cat 2

Does that mean that all cats are evil? Of course not. I’m sure there are at least four or five cats on this great big earth that aren’t annoying.

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