As the Tail Wags – “Fantasia Walks and Talks”

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Season 1, Episode 8
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When we left off, we had met most of the characters in our As the Tail Wags story. Most were still gathered at the Labrador Falls Dog Park.

Chloe has told her friend Tillie that she’s about to have puppies. Tillie has offered support and advice to Chloe but also wants to get back to talking to her boyfriend Rex.

Although Tillie lives with Rover and is next-door neighbors with Rex, she and Rex rarely get to see each other except at the dog park.  Chloe’s boyfriend Samson got into a fight and was asked to leave the dog park. Chloe is struggling to tell Samson the puppies she’s pregnant with are not his.

Samson’s friend Tito ran off when Samson got into the fight. He was at the opposite end of the park on the north end when he was yelled at by Muffin who was standing in the small dog area.

Fantasia was the last to enter the dog park and made quite a scene. Other dogs who were playing stopped to take notice. She began to make her way around the perimeter of the dog park along the fence.

Fantasia’s owner Krystal also strutted around, enjoying the attention. She wasn’t really fooling too many people but it was hard not to notice her tight clothes and jewelry.

“Please don’t say anything to me,” pleaded Fantasia silently to the other dogs as she pranced around the dog park fence. She was cool as a cucumber on the outside. She knew that the other dogs were looking at her. “Krystal might enjoy the attention but I sure don’t.”

“She better not be coming this way!” cried Tillie as Fantasia made her way toward them. Tillie was standing near her friend Chloe and boyfriend Rex. “What a hussy. She is going to come this way. Try to keep from drooling, Rex dear.”

Tillie’s boyfriend Rex was trying to behave but there was no denying his wagging tail as Fantasia drew nearer. “She’s got some nerve,” said Chloe quietly.

Fantasia continued her way around the park until she had completed the circuit. Most of the dog heads in the park had made the 360 degree turn with her. She finally got to where Rover, the Johnson’s American bulldog, was lying down, rather disinterested in the whole show.

“Do you mind if I hang out here?” Fantasia said to Rover as she got close. She saw Rover as a non-threatening type with a friendly air about him. She was right. Although he was close to 100 lbs. Rover was about as friendly and easy going as they came.

“Be my guest!” said Rover, surprised she would be seen with such a humble dog. He was flattered and curious at the same time. “I hope I’m not being too forward, but I was wondering why I never see you playing with other dogs,” he said.

Fantasia looked at him and then he saw her face turn very sad, as if she were about to cry. “That’s not true,” she responded defensively. I have plenty of friends. Everyone here is my friend. Just look around.”

She was still getting her share of looks from the other dogs. But except for Rover, there were no dogs within several yards of her.

Rover was about to accept her answer and move on when she stated quietly, “You don’t know what it’s like…”

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