As the Tail Wags – “Fantasia Walks and Talks”

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Season 1, Episode 8
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When we left off, we had met most of the characters in our As the Tail Wags story. Most were still gathered at the Labrador Falls Dog Park.

Chloe has told her friend Tillie that she’s about to have puppies. Tillie has offered support and advice to Chloe but also wants to get back to talking to her boyfriend Rex.

Although Tillie lives with Rover and is next-door neighbors with Rex, she and Rex rarely get to see each other except at the dog park.  Chloe’s boyfriend Samson got into a fight and was asked to leave the dog park. Chloe is struggling to tell Samson the puppies she’s pregnant with are not his.

Samson’s friend Tito ran off when Samson got into the fight. He was at the opposite end of the park on the north end when he was yelled at by Muffin who was standing in the small dog area.

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