As the Tail Wags – “Chloe’s Secret”

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Season 1, Episode 7

When last we checked in, Chloe was just about to tell Tillie something very important about her pregnancy and its effect on her boyfriend, Samson.

“Here’s the situation. I don’t have a problem telling Samson I’m going to have puppies. I have a problem telling Samson the puppies aren’t his,” said Chloe.

“Not his? You mean he’s not the father?” asked Tillie.

“Not likely,” replied Chloe.

“Wow, this is getting pretty juicy! What makes you think Samson isn’t the father?”

“It’s my owners. Ben and Debbie wanted me to have puppies, so a few weeks ago they ‘arranged’ for me to meet a border collie just like me. They have it all down to a science and the puppies are almost certainly going to be border collies, not border collies with Doberman,” said Chloe, hoping she wasn’t dumping her problems on Tillie.

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