As the Tail Wags – “Meet Fantasia”

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Season 1, Episode 6

Last time we met, Chloe and Tillie were in the middle of a discussion about Cloe’s impending motherhood. Chloe was nervous and scared. She was seeking advice from Tillie on the mothering experience. She also had an issue with regard to her boyfriend, Samson.

“Have you said anything to Samson yet?” Tillie asked Chloe.

“No, I haven’t,” replied Chloe. “And I don’t know how I’m going to tell him.”

“Well, just tell him he’s going to be a father,” said Tille, matter-of-factly.

“I wish it was that easy,” responded Chloe.

“It should be easy. Unless there’s more that you haven’t told me…” said Tillie, her voice trailing off.

On the other end of the dog park, Tito was ready to find somewhere else to go. He had been insulted by Muffin and didn’t want to stick around to hear any more of her teasing. As he was walking away, her heard Muffin’s owners, Brad and Elsa, talking about Muffin.

“I’m going to make and appointment with the vet,” said Elsa.

“Well, meanwhile we could try some different dog food. Do you remember that small sack of Iams we got her? She seemed to like that,” said Brad.

“I think we should try something. I don’t think she’s gone at all today.”

Just then, all heads turned as a new dog showed up. As if making a grand entrance in some Hollywood script, in walked a big, beautiful yellow lab. Behind her, looking like a sharply dressed personal assistant was her snooty owner, Krystal Sullivan.



It was clear that both dog and owner thought very highly of themselves as they marched in. All that was missing was the introductory music. Heads turned to look as they came in through the second gate and into the main park area.

The dog’s name was Fantasia and she was a six-year-old who was used to getting attention. Krystal too was used to turning heads, perhaps more so in her younger days. She still had the clothes and bling to get some attention though.



Both dog and owner looked to be enjoying the spotlight. It seemed as though they had waited for just the right time to make their appearance. A few cat calls [at the dog park?] could be heard from some of the male dogs, as several rushed to smell them hello.

Ben and Debbie Meyers, owners of Chloe had been standing near the Johnsons, Al and Sandy, owners of Tillie and Rover.

“Get a load of her, strutting in here like she’s some kind of diva. She has to make a big show every time she comes here,” stated Debbie Meyers to Sandy Johnson.

“She’s wearing at least a pound of makeup. And do see all the gaudy jewelry she’s got on? OMG!” replied Sandy. Both women were getting a pretty good chuckle from Krystal’s appearance. They also had to break the stares of their husbands, who were trying to sneak looks without being detected.

“Yeah, I really hate those short shorts she’s wearing!” cracked Al to Ben.

“I know what you mean. Such a distraction to those of us who just want to have a quiet evening at the dog park,” joked Ben.

Nearby, Chloe and Tillie were continuing their conversation. “That’s not the part I’m worried about,” said, Chloe, “I don’t have a problem telling Samson I’m going to have puppies… It’s just that…”

“Just what?” asked Tillie with curiosity.

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