As the Tail Wags – “Samson Gets the Boot”

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Season 1, Episode 4

Things started heating up at the Labrador Falls Dog Park. A couple of dogs had gotten into a fight. “Well that’s no surprise. It’s Samson mixing it up again,” said Tillie to Rex as most of the dogs, as well as their owners, rushed to the southeast corner of the dog park where the fighting was going on.

Fight 1

A big cloud of dust was forming and excitement was in the air as two dogs were growling and wrestling with each other. Fortunately they were both about the same size and did not hurt each other before people could intervene.

“That’s at least the third time this month he’s been in a fight,” said Rex. “I think they should kick him and his rich owner out of here for good!” Rex did not usually get so animated but he did not care for Samson and had had his own run-ins with him.

Rex was big and awkward but he had no problem holding his own against Samson when they got into it about three months ago. He would have been able to show Samson who was tougher but their fight got broken up as well.

Chadwick Ellington III was the rich, eccentric owner of Samson. He felt he owned the town of Labrador Falls and he wasn’t far from the truth. He immediately accused the owner of the other dog that his dog had caused the fight.

However there were other observers there who quickly corrected Ellington. Samson had a long reputation as an aggressive dog and it was most likely the influence of Chadwick Ellington III that allowed Samson to continue to come to the park. Any other owner would have been banned, along with their dog, long ago.

Cooler heads were starting to prevail and soon Samson was escorted out of the park on his leash by Ellington, who continued to grumble under his breath that it was not his dog’s fault. Meanwhile the other dog was allowed to stay.

Tillie saddled up to Chloe, who was distraught about seeing her boyfriend get in a fight and leave the dog park. “What happened back there?” she asked Chloe.

“It was awful,” Chloe explained. “That other dog wasn’t doing anything unusual. He got within about ten feet of me and Samson got jealous and accused him of getting too friendly with me. I was kind of glad to see the other dog didn’t back down like most of them do. Samson is such a bully sometimes. I’m not sure why I put up with his antics.”

“I can’t see why you put up with him either, dear,” Tillie thought to herself. “We were just coming over to get away from Tito when the fight started,” Tillie told her aloud.

“He’s another reason I’m crazy for staying with Samson. Did you notice where the little brat went when his buddy got into a scrap? He headed for the opposite end of the dog park. Look, he’s still over there.”

Tillie and Rex both turned to see little Tito on the north end of the dog park near the small dog area. “At least he’s over near the small dog area he belongs in,” said Tillie. Well, you can hang around with us if you like.”

“Thanks. That’s nice of you,” Chloe responded.
Things were starting to calm down at the Labrador Hills Dog Park. At least it seemed that way…

Tune in next time for the exciting adventures of…

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