As the Tail Wags – “Samson Gets the Boot”

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Season 1, Episode 4

Things started heating up at the Labrador Falls Dog Park. A couple of dogs had gotten into a fight. “Well that’s no surprise. It’s Samson mixing it up again,” said Tillie to Rex as most of the dogs, as well as their owners, rushed to the southeast corner of the dog park where the fighting was going on.

Fight 1

A big cloud of dust was forming and excitement was in the air as two dogs were growling and wrestling with each other. Fortunately they were both about the same size and did not hurt each other before people could intervene.

“That’s at least the third time this month he’s been in a fight,” said Rex. “I think they should kick him and his rich owner out of here for good!” Rex did not usually get so animated but he did not care for Samson and had had his own run-ins with him.

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