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Petey 3
Who remembers Petey from the Little Rascals? He was a really cool dog, probably best known for the ring around his eye. He didn’t figure into too many of the plot lines but he was a fixture in the Our Gang activities. Today we celebrate Petey the dog.

Petey was a Staffordshire Terrier who started out as Pete the Pup. He was also known as “Pete The Dog With The Ring Around His Eye” or simply “Petey”. The original Pete the Dog was an American Pit Bull Terrier named Pal the Wonder Dog. He had a natural ring around his eye that they embellished with some makeup to make it a full ring.

What I find funny is that when I gathered pictures of Petey, I found some pictures of him with the ring on his right eye and others with the ring around his left eye! I guess it depended on what kind of mood Petey was in that day. Haha!
Petey 4

My favorite episode of the Little Rascals was called The Pooch. That’s the time Petey got in trouble with the dog catcher. Stymie and Spanky were in this one along with Petey. Here’s one of the exchanges I like the best:

Stymie: Please don’t take my dog, mister!
Dogcatcher: Well, where’s his license?
Stymie: He ain’t got no lices – he just got fleas!
Petey 1

A couple weeks ago, I introduced you to some of my dog park friends. Miles was one of my friends and I have to give a special shout out to him for carrying on in the tradition of Petey. Miles has a patch over his right eye that always reminds me of Petey.

I like to run with Miles sometimes but he’s pretty tough and likes to mix it up. Thank goodness for Maggie and Annie! They like to chase and wrestle with Miles and that frees me up to do what I like to do best and that’s retrieve tennis balls.

Dad says the Little Rascals have been around since the 1930s. That’s a long time ago. He says he remembers watching the Spanky and the gang when he was a kid.  He liked Alfalfa as well as Buckwheat, Wheezer and Stymie, and don’t forget Darla and Froggie. There are many others too.

If Miles and Petey were somehow related, Miles would have to be a great, great, great, great, great, great grandson or so. I probably need a few more greats in there but you get the picture!

Miles with his black spot on his back and another one over his right eye.

Miles with his black spot on his back and another one over his right eye.

One more thing to make us all feel old. Twenty years ago, they made a “modern” movie of the Little Rascals. There was a Petey in that movie too.

Miles - All he needs is a ring around his eye!

Miles – All he needs is a ring around his eye!

If they made another Little Rascals movie today, I would suggest they let Miles star as Petey. Suzanne would have to paint a circle around his eye!

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