Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days 3Dog Days 7Hey wait a minute!  Just when we were in the middle of what are known as the Dog Days of Summer, suddenly I hear about kids going back to school. I can only think of one word and that is “unfair” with a capital un.Back to school

We were all starting to have fun and doing cool stuff like swimming and eating ice cream.  Then some nincompoop decides that kids should not be allowed to enjoy themselves that much.   So now  they have to go back to school early.Dog Days 5Dog Days 4

Is nothing sacred? Are they going to eliminate the dog days just because somebody wants kids to go back to school in the middle of the summer? Next thing you know they’ll have year-round school. What’s that? They already do? Now I’m really starting to get angry. Haven’t those people ever been kids?Dog Days 6

I’m not sure Dad would have stood for that. He always enjoyed his birthday in late August and he never had to worry about going to school. Well guess what? If he went to school in Florida in this day and age, he would have to attend school on his birthday. Yuck! He says he might never have finished school if they would have made him go back so early.Back to School 3Back to School 4

I know at least one victim of this travesty and that’s my good friend Maggie from the dog park. Her owner Andy is a school teacher and she had to start teaching class this Monday. That probably means I won’t be seeing much of Maggie. No sir, I don’t like that at all.Back to School 2

What’s next – make kids go to school on weekends? I better not say that too loud. Someone will want to change the laws and make it happen!  Give us back our dog days!

Dog Days 1Dog Days 2

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