Shark Week

Shark 6I was going to call this post My Enemy the Shark because I don’t think I like sharks. I’ve never seen one in real life but I can’t think of many good reasons to like them. They are a threat to us dogs who like to swim in the ocean.

Since I moved to Florida I found out that I like swimming in the ocean despite the salt water. However, there is always a risk that a shark might be out there lurking. Sharks have an unfair advantage when we go swimming in the ocean. They can see us but we can’t see them. They can also smell us and it’s said they can hear us when we bark.

We ran into a lady who grew up close to our favorite beach in Florida. She said the local laws didn’t allow dogs on the beaches when she was a kid because the sharks would hear the barking and think it was baby seals. Thank goodness they changed the rules. We love to come to our own dog beach here in Venice and we’ve never seen any sharks.

And besides, any shark that doesn’t know the difference between a dog’s bark and a baby seal can’t be very bright. Then again, I’ve heard some pretty whimpy barking that I thought was something besides a dog!

200200395-001 Shark 2Shark 1

I am a little bit jealous of the teeth on a shark. They have a whole bunch of them and theirs grow back if they lose one. The beaches near us have lots of fossilized sharks teeth that are millions of years old. People come from all around to look for them on the shoreline.

Shark 4

They say that this area used to be all underwater and lots and lots of sharks lived here. Since sharks lose a lot of teeth, there are lots of them to be found today. The teeth are three-sided and black. Most are small – about the but size of a watermelon seed – but some are much bigger. Thousands of years ago there were sharks as long as 40 feet.

Today, there aren’t very many instances of shark attacks here. Basically it’s pretty safe to swim in the ocean. But whenever there is an incident involving sharks anywhere in the state, the media is quick to sensationalize it.

Shark 5

In fact that’s what Shark Week is all about. People are curious to hear stories of shark encounters. Sharks have been painted as a mysterious predator that can attack on both land and sea. Land? Yup. Check out Sharknado, the movie that’s certain to be shown on Shark Week this week. It’s good for a few laughs. What’s amazing is the actors are able to perform without breaking character and giggling!

I might tune in to watch a little bit of Shark Week just to find out more about them. Maybe I can learn when to stay out of the water. If there are any sharks out there that can read, please avoid the dog beach in Venice!

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