Miscellaneous Things in the Dog World

As the dog days of summer wind down, here are a few thoughts that I have pondered lately…

  • Almost missed National Dog Day. They didn’t seem to do much to promote it. I think it came and went without many people (or dogs) noticing. Is it an annual thing? I had never heard of it before. Nowhere near as much publicity as Shark Week.

National Dog Day 6Shark 9


  • Dad got me some business cards from ABC Printing here in Englewood, FL. Thomas did a pretty good job setting them up and printing them. I’ve passed a few out to my dog park friends.



  • We are all saddened to hear that Grandpa Cliff is really sick. Please say a prayer for him if you can. He always liked to give Mac and me samples while he ate his food.

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Famous Dogs – Petey

Petey 3
Who remembers Petey from the Little Rascals? He was a really cool dog, probably best known for the ring around his eye. He didn’t figure into too many of the plot lines but he was a fixture in the Our Gang activities. Today we celebrate Petey the dog.

Petey was a Staffordshire Terrier who started out as Pete the Pup. He was also known as “Pete The Dog With The Ring Around His Eye” or simply “Petey”. The original Pete the Dog was an American Pit Bull Terrier named Pal the Wonder Dog. He had a natural ring around his eye that they embellished with some makeup to make it a full ring.

What I find funny is that when I gathered pictures of Petey, I found some pictures of him with the ring on his right eye and others with the ring around his left eye! I guess it depended on what kind of mood Petey was in that day. Haha!
Petey 4

My favorite episode of the Little Rascals was called The Pooch. That’s the time Petey got in trouble with the dog catcher. Stymie and Spanky were in this one along with Petey. Here’s one of the exchanges I like the best:

Stymie: Please don’t take my dog, mister!
Dogcatcher: Well, where’s his license?
Stymie: He ain’t got no lices – he just got fleas!
Petey 1

A couple weeks ago, I introduced you to some of my dog park friends. Miles was one of my friends and I have to give a special shout out to him for carrying on in the tradition of Petey. Miles has a patch over his right eye that always reminds me of Petey.

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Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days 3Dog Days 7Hey wait a minute!  Just when we were in the middle of what are known as the Dog Days of Summer, suddenly I hear about kids going back to school. I can only think of one word and that is “unfair” with a capital un.Back to school

We were all starting to have fun and doing cool stuff like swimming and eating ice cream.  Then some nincompoop decides that kids should not be allowed to enjoy themselves that much.   So now  they have to go back to school early.Dog Days 5Dog Days 4 Continue reading