My Enemy the Alligator

Alligator 6

I’m a relatively new Florida resident and I have to be honest with you, I have never seen an alligator before. I’m told I don’t want to ever see an alligator but I’m still curious. They say the bigger alligators are not afraid of us dogs and will even try to catch us and make a meal out of us. That doesn’t sound like a very pleasant way to go!

Alligator 4Cartoon Gator

I guess that’s a good reason not to like alligators but that’s not the real reason I don’t like them. The real reason I don’t like alligators is because I’m a water-loving dog and I like to go swimming. In Florida there are lots and lots of ponds, lakes, rivers, water holes and all kinds of places where a dog can get wet and go swimming.

Allligator 3


So you’d think a dog like me would be in doggie heaven, right? Not true. It’s because of Mr. Gator that I can’t just go jump in any body of water and splash around. It seems as though the alligators also like to hang around water and they don’t like to share. Sure, they would love it if a foolish dog went poking around their territory. But that’s because that dog represents a potential meal!

Alligator 3

I think you might be starting to understand why I don’t like alligators. I can’t go swimming because a big, dumb alligator might be nearby and want to eat me. That’s just crazy! It’s like taking a kid to the candy store and then only letting him look in the window.

I have to pass at least two ponds and a river every morning just to get to the dog park. Do you think I’d like to take a dip in the water when I see it? You bet I would. But noooo! The big, bad alligator might come out and grab me. I can think of a few words that describe what I think about alligators but this is a family blog so I’ll keep it to myself!

Alligator 1

So there aren’t as many places to go swimming here as I’d like. Thank goodness there are a couple options. One is the pool – thanks Aunt Julie! She has a pool that’s safe for me to swim in and it’s okay for me to do so when I visit.



The other option I have is the ocean. I just went swimming in the ocean for the first time a couple weeks ago. It’s pretty cool. I had never seen waves before so I had to get used them. Once I did I realized they are fun! When Dad throws the ball out, I have to time it so I don’t get blasted by a wave hitting me as I make my way out to retrieve it. I was intimidated by the waves at first, but then I caught on and now I love the ocean.

Waves 3

The other thing that surprised me was the salt water. Who the heck spilled all the salt in the water? Yuck. I find it hard not to drink some of it and I’ve gotten sick at least twice. I get really thirsty after so much salt water and so I drink too much fresh water and next thing you know, I throw up. I made Heidi angry the last time because we were almost all the way home before I threw up inside her car! I was really sorry but dogs can’t talk so all I could do was look pathetic and hope she forgave me.




The ocean is close but you have to go to a special dog beach. We go to the beach in Venice about ten miles away. We don’t have to worry about alligators when we swim in the ocean. But that doesn’t mean the ocean is completely safe. I will have to write a post about sharks one of these days. If it weren’t for the alligators and sharks, a dog could go swimming just about anywhere!

Waves 2

4 thoughts on “My Enemy the Alligator

  1. Charlie! Stay away from alligators little girl. James bless his soul went to D&B and bought Porter a Jolly Ball. It’s a big huge kong like red ball that horses play with. Deacon use to have one. So enter in the new red Jolly Ball. Porter had the handle and was throwing the ball around like no tomorrow. Crazy fun to watch. He ‘was’ a happy happy happy little boy. Within a day the handle was chewed off… hmmm, I thought to myself, I need to keep an eye on that. The next day there was a foot hole chewed out on the top of the ball. James had a graveyard shit that night and Porter and I had a all night Jolly Ball vomit party. Jolly Ball vs porter. Winner: Jolly Ball

  2. You are very wise to avoid the alligator ponds – sometimes they look so inviting but you just don’t dare take a chance. Those alligators can move really fast.

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