My Enemy the Alligator

Alligator 6

I’m a relatively new Florida resident and I have to be honest with you, I have never seen an alligator before. I’m told I don’t want to ever see an alligator but I’m still curious. They say the bigger alligators are not afraid of us dogs and will even try to catch us and make a meal out of us. That doesn’t sound like a very pleasant way to go!

Alligator 4Cartoon Gator

I guess that’s a good reason not to like alligators but that’s not the real reason I don’t like them. The real reason I don’t like alligators is because I’m a water-loving dog and I like to go swimming. In Florida there are lots and lots of ponds, lakes, rivers, water holes and all kinds of places where a dog can get wet and go swimming. Continue reading