Can I Just Get Back To Being A Dog?

Dad and Heidi have had me working my tail off finding out about this whole blogging thing.

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We’re up to our ears in SEO, RSS, HTML, PPC and POOP.  Oops, that last one may have been my own.  Hehe.



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It can be pretty daunting to go out there and research stuff on the internet.  There is soooo much to sort through!   And so much of it is a lot of doo doo if you pardon my French.

Speaking of French, most of those words they use go right over my head.  Hypertext Transfer Protocol?    How about Sit?  Or Stay?  I may not do them when I’m asked, but at least I know what they mean!


I just want to go back to being a dog, where all I have to worry about is chasing balls and barking at strangers and cool stuff like that.

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2 thoughts on “Can I Just Get Back To Being A Dog?

    • It’s good to see my new friends from the Ann Dever Park join me on my blog! Suzanne belongs to Miles (or vice versa) whose pictures were posted here a couple days ago. I’m having a ball playing at my new dog park. Lots of new friends. I got some pictures of Jake and Pepito this morning! I’ll try to post them soon.

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