New Digs

IMG_4874As many of you know, Dad and I moved from Boise, Idaho to Englewood, Florida recently. Things are a little bit different here.

I have a big backyard I can look at from my back porch.  I like it because there is nobody’s house behind us and it goes on for a long ways.


The view of my back yard

It rains a lot here. It’s a good thing I’m not very afraid of thunder babies. There is lots of thunder and lightning here.

We don’t always get a big storm but we almost always hear thunder and lightning every day. The temperature is high and so is the humidity but there is often a cool breeze that blows off the ocean.

I share this house with a little puppy named Mac. He is a handful. He is three months old and he weighs about 150 pounds (actually 24 lbs.)  I think he is going to weigh about 600 pounds when he is full-grown.

Mac sitting in the dishwasher!

Mac sitting in the dishwasher!


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