Pardon Our Dust


Dear Readers,

Just like me this blog is going through some changes. We hope it will not be too distracting while we do this. Dad has enlisted the help of Heidi to work on some social media things that we hope will make our blog popular.

We are going to be showing up on Facebook (I already have a Facebook page but we’re going to expand it). We will have a Twitter account and an Instagram account and you’ll be able to see videos of me on Youtube! Yes, we are going to be jumping into this social media thing with full force.

There will be places to join me on all sorts of adventures. Of course I still plan to make this my main home. I want to be able to tell you about my life and what I’m going through. With some of these other forms of media, we hope to increase our following.

Some of the things you will notice will be that the site looks different as we look at different themes. Basically a theme is the way the website looks when you click on  As you can see, this theme looks a little different than the one I’ve been using.  This one lets Dad have a little more flexibility.

It may not be the one we use all the time but it seems to work for now.  We want to be able to be a little more interactive and give readers the ability to click on certain menu items that take them to places more easily.  In fact, this particular page is the 100th blog post since we started back in February!

Dad was trying to post something almost every day but lately he has fallen behind.  We moved and that really made it difficult to keep up with my blog.  Now things are starting to settle down and we’re getting back to business.

You will start to notice some of the things that appear on other blogs and websites as well – some good and some not so good.  I’m going to try to show you some of the cool sites out there that other dog owners have.  You can visit theirs and they will send people to ours!

One of the necessary evils of all successful blogs is advertising.  We are going to start putting some ads in the margins that we hope will be interesting enough products to attract people to look at them.  I’m not crazy about this but Dad says it will help us from moving into the poor farm and I’ve heard stories about dogs that were “sent to live on a farm”!

Please bear with us as we make these changes.  It’s going to be fun and exciting as we move forward, while at the same time giving you updates on my adventures as I explore life through these canine eyes!


2 thoughts on “Pardon Our Dust

  1. I watched the web site that Trina mentioned and it is really amazing. Dogs can really let their feelings be known. The dog looked a lot like you Charlie.

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