Happy Birthday To Me

Birthday Cake 2

Birthday Cake 4

Last Sunday, June 15th, was Father’s Day. Since we really aren’t sure what day I was born on, Dad decided to call the 15th my birthday as well. I turned two years old which is like being somewhere between a teenager and a college student in dog years. That seven years dog time for every human year kicks in after the 2nd or 3rd year, I understand.

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No matter how you figure it, I still feel pretty young. I’d say I have the energy and attention span of your typical nine-year-old human. If I still had the equipment I’d be able to have puppies but I don’t think I’ve got the time or patience for that. There are too many squirrels to chase, geese to heckle, rotten things to sniff, balls to fetch and invisible things to woof at than to settle down and raise a batch of puppies!

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Birthday Cake 6

Dad was going to get me another piggy for my birthday but the store didn’t have any. No worries because it would not have lasted very long. The piggy from last time lasted 15 minutes. The one before that was about a half hour. Before that might have been a couple days. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say the poor piggy would not have lasted long before I performed life ending surgery.

Birthday Cake 3

Instead, Dad got me a big bag of rawhide treats that will last me a long time. They taste much better than the rubberized piggy too. Dad told me the story about his dog, Phoebe II who ate things too fast. Some day I will have to tell you the story about Phoebe II and the pig’s ear. Poor pooch had some belly issues. Anyway, I make sure to chew my rawhide treats carefully before swallowing.
Birthday Cake 10
Dad made a yellow cake last weekend too but I only got to lick the bowls and the plate when it was all done. I would have liked to have gotten at least one nice, big piece to eat! Mmm. Cake.
Birthday Cake 5
Now that I’ve turned two, I have the option of becoming a more mellow dog. They say that dogs like me start getting real fun to own after two years old because the stop doing all those puppy-like things that often got them in trouble. I don’t have any intentions of changing the way I am so Dad might have to wait a bit longer!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Charlie, porter here. Happy Birthday!! I wish I would have known I would have shared the WHOLE pan of brownies I kind of stole off the counter when mom and the boys were at the pool. Somehow I was able to nose the still warm glass pan off the counter then eat all the brownies that were covered with the glass. Not a crumb left. Funny though, everyone was panicking… googling and reading on what to do with me. Hey, I’m fine! I’m so fine that last night I ate part of a big bed post.
    Happy birthday girl!

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