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Dad was gone for a little while and now he’s back. Not much has gone on in the way of big stuff but there are some minor things to talk about. I can share them with you if you like. These won’t exactly knock your socks off but it’s pretty big in the dog world.


If you click on this picture and look carefully, there is a feather in Porter's mouth.  It's from the wild turkey that James got.

If you click on this picture and look carefully, there is a feather in Porter’s mouth. It’s from the wild turkey that James got.

Porter is the lab puppy downstairs that I like to play with so much when Dad is gone. We wear each other out because neither one of us knows when to stop. That gives our owners a short break when we finally calm down and rest. I think Porter gains about a pound a day.

He’s close to 70 lbs. now in my estimation, and shows no signs of stopping. It was pretty cool when we were the same size because neither one of us had the upper hand. Now he can push me around if I get cornered so I have to rely on my speed and agility to get away.

I need to escape quite often because Porter is not fixed and has a one track mind sometimes. He’s probably going to be one of those dogs who likes to make friends with your leg. I’ll have to write about cousin Eddies’s dog from the National Lampoon movies some day.


Chicken Bones

Bones 1
We went for a bike ride almost every day this past week. On Sunday when Dad got back, we were near downtown when Dad decided to make his way over to Winco, a local chain of grocery stores. On the way there, I hit the jackpot. Someone had left some perfectly good chicken bones inside the container and I took one sniff and was in heaven.

Now I know all the horror stories about feeding a dog chicken bones. Countless thousands of dogs choke and die on chicken bones every day, perhaps even millions. Well Dad had a couple choices and if one of those choices involved taking those bones away from me, his new nickname might have become Stubby because that’s what would have been left of his arm! Needless to say, I got to enjoy a delicious snack.

Bones 3

The bad news about that particular trip to Winco was that Dad forgot his wallet so we never did got shopping. Lo and behold, we decided to go back to Winco on Wednesday. Can you believe the luck when we discovered a few more chicken bones by the same tree that we had just found some a few days before? Yes! I think that’s going to become a must-visit tree any time we get down that way.

Back in March I did a post about a new best friend I had just met. His name was Gus. Gus is a golden retriever and was about six months old when I first met him. I thought Gus and I were going to be long time buddies but unfortunately his owners moved. I didn’t get to see Gus anymore so I had to find other friends.

Dad and I were downtown on Wednesday for live music in the center of the city. We saw a big golden retriever and he looked like a nice dog so we just had to say hi. The dog’s owner looked at me and looked at Dad and finally said that we looked familiar. He asked if we lived in the apartments by the river and pretty soon we realized we knew each other!


It was Andy and Codee and their dog Gus.  Gus was all grown up! He’s pretty big now and around ten months old. We both got really excited when we realized we already had met a few months ago. I knew that smell was familiar!

I have a confession to make. When I posted the original story about Gus, I did not have a picture of him so Dad let me use a picture of a generic golden retriever that he got off the internet. I know it’s bad form but who was going to know? Well anyway, I got Gus to pose for some real pictures so I have included some here. Say hello to the real Gus!IMG_4704

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