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Toto was a pretty cool dog for a little guy. You’ve got to hand it to a dog that can stand up to a green witch called the Wicked Witch of the East, or even Almira Gulch who was the mean neighbor lady who became the wicked witch in the land of Oz. It sends shivers down my spine to hear the witch say, “I’ll get you my pretty – and your little dog too!”

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Toto was the dog’s stage name. In real life it’s name was Terry. That doesn’t sound like a movie star type name to me but you never know about Hollywood. I like to watch the Wizard of Oz with Dad and I pay close attention to Toto. I also pay attention to the Munchkins. There’s something funny about those guys.

But the creatures that really give me the creeps are those flying monkeys in the witch’s castle. They are about as scary as it gets. If I saw one of those I’d give a woof or two and maybe even try to bite them. If that didn’t work, I’d see how fast I could run away! Yuck.


Speaking of running away fast, I’d like to chase that Cowardly Lion just once. He’s the biggest chicken there ever was! He gets scared of his own tail. I would chase him and bite him just out of principle – plus he’s in the cat family so it just seems kind of natural.

But the star today is Toto and we need to give him his due. He had to be a brave little critter to survive all the things they went through. There were two things he did that should have given him at least a nomination for an Oscar. First of all, he pulled the curtain back and exposed the Wizard of Oz. That helped to save the day.
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The other cool thing he did was when he and Dorothy were about to be rescued from the Land of Oz in the Wizard of Oz’s hot air balloon. He spotted a lady with a cat and took off after it. Now that’s a dog who represents us cat-hating dogs well! He gave up a chance to be rescued in an attempt to rid the world of another cat. That act alone will get you into the Dog Hall of Fame!

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