Famous Dogs – Toto

Toto 1

Toto was a pretty cool dog for a little guy. You’ve got to hand it to a dog that can stand up to a green witch called the Wicked Witch of the East, or even Almira Gulch who was the mean neighbor lady who became the wicked witch in the land of Oz. It sends shivers down my spine to hear the witch say, “I’ll get you my pretty – and your little dog too!”

Toto 5

Toto 4

Toto 2

Toto was the dog’s stage name. In real life it’s name was Terry. That doesn’t sound like a movie star type name to me but you never know about Hollywood. I like to watch the Wizard of Oz with Dad and I pay close attention to Toto. I also pay attention to the Munchkins. There’s something funny about those guys.

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