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Hi!  My name is Mac!

Mac in the car looking up from his cubbie hole

Looking up from his cubbie hole









I have been absent for several days and now I would like to get caught back up. I stayed downstairs with James and Trina while Dad was gone. They own Porter and Bailey and I have become a pretty good playmate of Porter, even though he has gotten much bigger and shows no signs of slowing down. Once again I thank them for letting me spend so much time playing. It was like being at summer camp for a week or so!

I’ve got lots to talk about so I’ll get started right now. First of all, I found out that there’s a new member of the family. In the dog world it isn’t too difficult to acquire new family members and I discovered I had a new cousin. He’s about 8 weeks old and he’s a German Shepherd mix named Mac. Mac is just a little fluff ball right now so he gets plenty of attention when he goes out in public.

Check out Heidi and Mac below:

Heidi and Mac in Orange CountyHeidi and Mac in FloridaHeidi and Mac


I hope Mac takes advantage of this time because he’s probably going to become a pretty big dog. That’s just the way it goes when you’ve got the shepherd-mix in you. I hope he doesn’t get too big though because I’d like to play with him some day and I don’t want him to hurt me! Right now he has baby teeth that are razor sharp. I don’t think he can bite hard enough to hurt me but I’ll wait a little bit before I meet him. I’ll give him a little longer to learn how to be a good dog first!

Heidi and Mac on Charlie's Blog

Aunt Velma, Heidi and Mac

Aunt Velma, Heidi and Mac

Mac is Heidi’s new doggie. He is mostly black and most of his feet have white socks. He might stay black but he has some hints of brown so he might turn browner too. His eyes are cute right now. They are almost bluish. Heidi hopes they stay like that. As Forrest Gump might say, “Dogs are like a box of chocolates…” so we’ll just wait awhile longer to see how Mac comes out.

I recently heard that black dogs are hard to take good pictures of.  Mac is proof of that!  He’s darn cute but he’s so dark that many of the pictures of him are hard to see because he’s just too dog gone dark!  If you click on them they are a little bit better in some cases.

Mac acting innocent

Mac acting innocent

Laguna Beach

Heidi and Mac going for a walk









The name Mac comes from a character on a TV show.  I was also named after one of the show’s characters.  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a comedy series that is on cable.  I would recommend it for mature audiences who are not offended easily.  Anyway, I’m named after Charlie and Mac is named after Mac.  It was funny to discover that Neil has a dog named Frank (Danny DeVito) who is also a character on the show.

Mac, Dee, Charlie, Frank and Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Mac, Dee, Charlie, Frank and Dennis

I’m sure there will be plenty of material of Mac to show you in the future. I’ve included a few for now. I can’t wait to sniff his acquaintance some day!

Mac isn't so sure he likes the leash

Mac isn’t so sure he likes the leash

Little dog on big floor

Little dog on big floor

"I think I would be better off on my own!"

“I think I would be better off on my own!”

5 thoughts on “New Family Member

  1. Hey Charlie Porter here.
    WE MISS YOU. Bailey is moving even less. I think he’s depressed – could be the slight crush he had on you. Me? I miss having my girl to play, swim, run and basically take me down outside. You were so meek inside and I was such the boy. But, when we hit the outdoors … watch out! You ran circles around me and let me know WHO is the boss of me. That would be you. Mac is totally awesome and yes he will be a big dog. Do you know that I rode home in a small box just a few months ago? We boys grow fast! Congratulations on your new family member. Let’s visit soon.

  2. We’re showing Velma your blog and she is amazed that she is now on the internet with Heidi and Mac! We had a nice time visiting when you were here and little Mac is such a cutie! I’m sure Charlie will teach him a trick or two when y’all get to Florida. 🙂

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