The Amazing Blue Ball

Fetch with the blue ball on the Boise River

The Blue Ball that refused to get lost

I usually don’t keep tennis balls very long. The typical ball will meet its fate in one of two ways. Either I find something more entertaining and leave it on the ground somewhere or I chew it until I destroy it. Either way, that ball joins a long list of balls that I’ve lost or ruined. Today I’m going to talk about a ball that I found in the river a few months ago.

We were messing around down by the riverbank when we got lucky and found three or four balls. Most of them were tennis balls but I also found a blue one that is the kind used when playing racquetball. These are a little softer than tennis balls so they give more when you chew them. They’re still pretty tough so it’s not easy to destroy them.Charlie and her blue ball in Boise

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