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I’m going to talk about something today that many people, myself included, find offensive. Have you ever seen a tick? They are about the ugliest thing I can think of. The reason I brought up the subject is because I got one today. It’s the second one I’ve had this season. I got one on me last summer that must have stuck to me for a long time because he got big and fat.

Fortunately the two I’ve gotten this year were discovered soon after they attached themselves to me and had not swollen and gotten even more grotesque than they already are. First of all, ticks are an arachnid. Say what? In other words they are in the spider family. They have eight legs like a spider. That also explains why they have a type of venom like a spider.


Actual Ticks Removed From Me

Are you getting sick to your stomach yet? Well anyway, Dad pulled this one off me today and it was not a big deal because he has done some research and discovered how to remove them without squashing them or pinching them or causing me any difficulty. His instrument of choice today was a set of medical hemostats. The trick to removing a tick is to get a hold of their head without pinching the rest of the body.

Once you get a hold of the head, you pull straight out and viola – no more tick on the doggie! They come off pretty easily but it looks like they pull a little bit of dog skin with them. It’s worth it just to have those creepy things off me though.


The First Tick I Got On Me


I just want to tell any of the dog owners out there to check their dogs carefully for ticks. This appears to be the time of year they like to come out and attach themselves to dogs. They carry diseases so it’s important to get them as quickly as they get stuck to you. Whatever you do, don’t squeeze them while they are on the dog because they can have some ugly bacteria that can make us sick.

Click Here for Video of the Tick
Caution – not for weak stomachs!

The ticks that Dad pulled off me were put in a bath inside a Tupperware. I took some pictures of them. In fact I took video too because you can see the one that’s still alive swimming! Yuck. That’s enough talk about ticks. I’m starting to get squeamish!

3 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. Charlie, you officially freaked me out with the whole spider thing! I had no idea they were in the same family so I’m even more grossed out. Sometimes the dog I live with gets them from the grass outside. A couple times I’ve even had them crawling on me after she was sitting with me! Ticks are the worst

  2. Charlie, Porter here. Two days ago, James, aka poppa. came home from hunting covered in them. He was able to get them off before they got “stuck”. I know you and I like to hang in the same places so thanks for the heads up buddy. Now for Bailey, if that pony gets a tick it will take them years to find it!

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