My Thoughts on Sitting


I don’t mind sitting. I do a lot of sitting. I usually go right into lying down and don’t waste my time with the in between step of sitting but sometimes it’s necessary. For instance, there are times when I want to remain responsive in case there is food to be had or children to avoid. Then it pays to be ready to move at a moment’s notice.

There’s also the Sit “command”. Once again, this is like so many other commands they throw at us in the dog world. It’s a suggestion, not a command. These suggestions are considered by the dog and then he determines if it’s worth doing or not. Take the Play Dead command. The first question most dogs ask is Why? Why do you call it play dead when it’s much closer to “fall asleep”. Now there’s a command I can live with!

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Famous Dogs – Underdog

Underdog 1

Charlie the Dog Boise

Shoeshine Boy

One of the early superhero dogs was the great Underdog. The animated series Underdog ran from 1964 to 1967. Underdog was the cartoon dog who could hear a call for help and spring into action. Similar to Superman’s Clark Kent, Underdog had an alter ego called Shoeshine Boy. Shoeshine Boy must have lived in a bad part of town because he was always near some form of wrongdoing. Also similar to Superman, the humble and lovable Shoeshine Boy would duck into a phone booth and change into Underdog.Underdog 2

Usually the person doing the crying for help was Sweet Polly Purebred, the love interest of Shoeshine boy. She would invariably get into trouble of one sort or another with any number of nefarious bad guys, including Simon Bar Sinister or Riff Raff. These were some rough looking characters. Sweet Polly was the damsel in distress and would sing “Oh where oh where has my Underdog gone?” until she would eventually be rescued.

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The Amazing Blue Ball

Fetch with the blue ball on the Boise River

The Blue Ball that refused to get lost

I usually don’t keep tennis balls very long. The typical ball will meet its fate in one of two ways. Either I find something more entertaining and leave it on the ground somewhere or I chew it until I destroy it. Either way, that ball joins a long list of balls that I’ve lost or ruined. Today I’m going to talk about a ball that I found in the river a few months ago.

We were messing around down by the riverbank when we got lucky and found three or four balls. Most of them were tennis balls but I also found a blue one that is the kind used when playing racquetball. These are a little softer than tennis balls so they give more when you chew them. They’re still pretty tough so it’s not easy to destroy them.Charlie and her blue ball in Boise

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My Enemy the Garbage Bag

Gargage Bag 2

I’m going to talk to you about something that I have an irrational fear of. It’s garbage bags. I hate anything in a bag and for me, it all started with the garbage bag. When I see Dad changing out one of these dreadful creatures, I hightail it to the other room and hide out for fifteen minutes or so.

Garbage Bag 3

Yes, I know the garbage is not going to attack me. I know I could easily shred a garbage bag into a hundred pieces in a few minutes time. I’d probably even have fun doing it. But I’d rather avoid than confront. I know some dogs have a fondness for garbage and get into trouble because of this fondness. Not me.


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