Track Our Ride

Map Route

Yesterday was probably the nicest day of the year. Dad was in T-Shirt and shorts as well as flip flops when we took a big long bike ride. We go on lots of rides so this might bore some of you. However I’d like to point out a cool program that we use to find out how far we went. It’s called You should try it! (Incidentally, I’m not getting anything for recommending this. I just like it and think others might too!)

It let’s you start anywhere you like and click point to point anywhere you may have walked or ridden your bike or even driven in a car. All you have to do is find where you are. It starts with a map of the world so you’re going to have to zoom in! Once you find your location you click on a button that let’s you start recording and away you go. You just keep making small clicks of your route until you finish. It will add up all the little increments and tell you what the total is.

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Spring is Overrated


This is not going to be one of those posts that makes me real popular. All over the country the weather is getting nice (even in Michigan) and everywhere you look there are signs of spring. I like all that stuff except one little detail. It’s getting warmer. I’m a black dog and when the sun shines on my back I start to overheat at anything over about 60 degrees.




I know that Dad is happy to see it getting warm. He spent almost all winter shivering it seemed. Me? I thought it was pretty comfortable most of the time. Heck I was going swimming when there was snow on the ground. Only one time did Dad see me shiver and he rushed to get me home. Most of the time I was happy with the cooler temperatures.

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Famous Dogs – Snoopy

Snoopy Happy

Snoopy and Charlie Brown

Today I’d like to talk about one of my favorite dogs. He’s a legend in the cartoon world of dogs. You might say he’s the Babe Ruth of dogs. The standard by which all dogs are measured. Of course I’m talking about my good friend, Snoopy. This is a dog that you can believe. He’s not some kind of made-up dog who talks. Snoopy is the real deal. A dog’s dog.

The mystery is how a blockhead like Charlie Brown was able to find such a cool dog. Who else has a dog who at one time is a World War I flying ace


and the next time he’s a vulture in a tree?

Snoopy Vulture

He’s also a darned good shortstop!

Snoopy Shortstop

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The Stare

iPhone Pictures 2013 142





I do it all the time. I know it bothers Dad because he tries to figure out what I’m trying to say. He is always convinced that I have some kind of serious need whenever I do it. He doesn’t know that sometimes I get bored and stare at him for the fun of it, just to mess with him. It can be a lot of fun and a good source of entertainment.

He’ll start asking me questions: What is it, buddy? Do you need to go out? Are you hungry? Do you have to go potty? Did you hear something outside? I try to look more urgent just to get to him. He figures we dogs only have a few basic needs and when I give him the stare, he goes down through the list.



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National Champions

Don’t tell Dad but I was one of the happy fans who saw the UConn Huskies win the NCAA basketball tournament. You may recall from my March 26 post that I supported all teams that had team nicknames that were dog related.
As it turns out, it was a good idea to pull for Connecticut because they won both the men’s and women’s national championships. I’m sure most of the world thought the UConn women had a good chance to win because they were undefeated. The the UConn men were a #7 seed and surprised just about everyone.

Dad would probably have been happy if the Huskies from Michigan Tech had won. However he says it will be a cold day in the UP when that happens!

Mich Tech